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A Mystical Place Essay, Research Paper Have you ever been in a place that left you totally in awe? have you ever wished that you could stay in that place forever? If only our dreams would always come true! My experience in one of Manhattan’s toy stores was wonderful. it was full of beauty; and fortunately, my aunt chose to share this magical place with me. it was almost thanksgiving and my aunt and I were spending quality time together. As i was sitting in her lap, she told me that she knew of a place that I would love. She finally told me that it was a toy store. “The greatest toy store in the world is right here in manhattan” she said. I had a great deal of faith in my aunt at that time; I was nine. M aunt was so beautiful. She had long brown hair, wich she always

left over her shoulders. she also had large white teeth and a dynamic smile. Her smile literaly lit up a whole room. her hands were slender and soft. She was so delicate and tender with every touch. she had an angels voice, and used it often while singing. I loved my aunt and admired her a great deal. it was time to get dressed. I will never forget what I wore. I put on some powder blue pants, my white snow boots and the biggest, fluffiest white sweatshirt I could find. I covered all of it up with my favorite purple coat and I was ready to go. my aunt looked at me and laughed. She never spoke a word. I guess that she was laughing at my bizare color combination. She looked marvelous as usual. she had on long black velvet gloves; mine had feathers at the top. She grabbed her keys

and we headed for the door. The air was cold and crisp outside and i loved it. I was able to see my breath. i pretended to be smoking a cigarette. My aunt saw me pretending and gave me a look of dissatisfaction.I immediately stopped. We spotted where the car was parked and went over to it. Her car was just as lovely as she was. Driving along i noticed everything. The city was such a beautiful place; and in my opinion it still is. I attempted to count all of the red cars. They were the shinniest and the most noticeable. “We’re almost there sweetie” my aunt turned and smiled. Oh how i wished we were thetre already. i became increadibly anxious and began to imagine. The car stopped. it had seemed like an eternity, but we finally stopped. “Are we there auntie?” I said with

large inquiring eyes. She responded witha warm and sweet nod. I wanted to scream, shout, or dance, but all I did was leap toward my aunt and give her a big hug. We both began to let out childish giggles; our faces full of glee. There were mystifying bells as we stepped inside. Children were everywhere. you could hear the wonderful sound of laughter and the locomotives’ “cho cho’s”. I fell in love with this place way before she gave me the grand tour. There were toy soilders, enlarged Barbies, toy cars, and trucks both large and small. Teddt bears galore. I was in love and i knew it well. Looking past the bicycles and power wheels, something of pure beauty caught my eye. There she was a small rag doll, sitting on a lonely shelf. she wasn’t getting all of the attention

that the other dolls were getting. i guess it was because her eyes we not made of blue glass, and her hair wasn’t fine textured. she didnt have on anything fancy, just a little blue plaid dree. My aunt saw me admiring this doll and offered to buy her for me. My aunt did buy tht doll for me and i was more than greatful. I promised to take good care of her for as long as I could. She was mine and I was hers. As Ihold this doll, she helps me to remember this mystical place. She also reminds me of how dearly I love my aunt. I will never forget that place. It was truely a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should have.