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A Multiultural Region Essay, Research Paper A Multicultural Region India is known as a land of diversities because of its many cultures, religions, and languages. India?s historical monuments show the unique craftsmanship of the Mugal Period. Its many different regions distinguish the magnificence of India. Indian festivals are celebrated by the heart and soul. India is a land of many cultural aspects. During the Mugal Period, many historical monuments were built that have left a lasting impression on the world. One of the Seven Wonders of the World is the Taj Mahal. It is constructed out of pure white marble with slight mosaic work. Shah Jahan designed the structure, and got it made in the city of Agra. He built it as a home for his wife, Mumtaz. Little did he know that it

would turn into her burial ground. The Red Fort is located in the city of Delhi. The famous king Akbar designed Red Fort. It is made out of red stone and was latter filled with red sand. Akbar installed a diamond in the tub of the queens? bathroom. It is said, at a certain time during the day, as the insulation from the sun fell on the diamond, the water in the tub was heated for the queen. Similar to the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort, Qutab Minar was also created during the Mugal Period. Designed by Qutab-Ud-Din, it was and is the highest tower in India. It was used as a lookout point in order to protect the city of Delhi and the Red Fort. As a result, monuments in India are still recognized as masterpieces of Indian craftsmanship. Each and every region of India is filled with

beauty. Kashmir, which is located in a mountainous region, was named ?paradise on earth? by king Shah Jahan. Shalimar and Naushad, which are now tourist locations, were the king?s private gardens. Kashmir is considered the crown of India. The dessert region of India is known as Rajesthan. Jaipur is the main city of Rajesthan. Jaipur is known as the pink city because all the buildings are pink. Another city in Rajesthan is Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer contains many royal palaces. The Queen of Jaisalmer was named the most beautiful women in the world. Southern India is known greatly for its magnificent temples. Banglor is the most beautiful hill stations in Southern India. Southern India is greatly known for its fish industry. Consequently, the different climates of in India have created

many regions of great diversity. India?s festivals have and will be celebrated for many years. Holi is the Indian festival of colors. It is celebrated in March depending on the lunar calendar. The reason for this celebration is to mark the death of evil. Diwali is the festival of light. It is celebrated with firecrackers. After a prayer to Laxmi ji, goddess of wealth, the festival begins. Furthermore it is considered the New Year for businessmen. Dushera is a celebration that occurs in October depending on the lunar Calendar. When lord Ram killed the devil Ravan, it marked the victory of good upon evil, which is the main reason of this celebration. Today, it is celebrated by exploding a large statue of devil Ravan. Altogether, Indian festivals bring life to the great

celebrations, which occurred thousands of years ago. Many cultural aspects can be found in India. The many different historical monuments, regions, and festivals have contributed in making India a worldwide attraction. Thus, we can see how India has maintained a high level of cultural uniformity in the world today.