A Movie About Maids And Madams Essay

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A Movie About Maids And Madams Essay, Research Paper Maids and madams is a movie which describes how black people are treated in certain cultures such as South Africa. Blacks are considered there as slaves and the movie succeeded in illustrating how harsh lives these people have. Actually, the blacks there are working as maids in the whites? houses, and this of course caused many difficulties for their families. Moreover, this situation made the blacks have no rights at all in this society because they are slaves and slaves must not oppose to any decision their masters make. All these factors show how misery life these people have, and in the film it showed us an example of how the blacks must obey orders on the first day of working. Obviously, this relationship between the

blacks and the whites in South Africa signifies lack of civilization in this society. Civilization to anthropology is a complex society with a central government and social classes. Even though South Africa can be considered as developed country, there are people in that community who seemed to be uncivilized in their behavior and that issue is concerned with culture .As I believe culture is a distinctly human; transmitted through learning; traditions and customers that govern behavior and beliefs. From my point of view, there are wrong concepts in the Southern African culture which are supposed to be altered and they are concerned the wrong treatment the blacks receive from the whites. This is the problem, which faces the blacks in this country, and they have a question, which

they are still asking, till now: when they will eliminate this slavery? As a matter of fact, these hard conditions these people face have impacts on their personal life as a whole. First, their children will consequently have the same treatment in the future because their parents aren?t able to bring up their children correctly. Second, it is difficult for these children to be educated advanced education, and I believe that because of these two reasons the whites will never change their behavior towards the blacks. In addition , the movie showed the differences between the white and the black in an important aspect of life which is housing . It showed us how is a big difference between a house of a white man and the house of a black man . the white man lived in a luxury way ,

with comfortable space and many rooms . While the blacks lived in a disgusting way, every thing is terrible the rooms are untidy and are crowded with people. This example proves that this difference between the two categories is also caused by the small income these people earn which couldn?t help them to confront this hazardous problem. Undoubtedly, the only way to eradicate racism is to teach the new generations that racism is insignificant deed and it is inhuman. By this way a new culture will be raised in these children and as we know that culture is learned