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A Midsummer Night?s Essay Essay, Research Paper This play reaction is written about William Shakespeare?s A Midsummer Night?s Dream. The play is a comedy and it was copyrighted in 1974, it was published by the Houghton Mifflin Company. In this particular book the play starts on page 222 and ends on 246.The opening of the play is the reader finds out the basic environment that they?re in and the Duke (Theseus) is proclaiming that he shall be wed to the Queen of the Amazons (Hippolyta) in five days. The reader also learns (in the exposition) about most of the characters that are in the play. The exciting force basically begins when Egeus brings his daughter (Hermia) to the Duke, but she is already in love with Lysander. Hermia?s father is completely aware, and against the

entire relationship between the two and he demands that Hermia be judged by the Duke and he tells her that if she doesn?t marry Demetrius (her fathers choice for a husband) she will die unless she wants to live her entire life a virgin. This situation results in the decision for Hermia and Lysander to elope, in a distant wood outside of Athens.When the couple elopes the admirers (people who have crushes on Hermia and Lysander) follow them into the woods where the climax takes place. Puck is sent out to give one Athean man a love potion. When Puck is sent out to do so he gave the potion to a sleeping and unaware Lysander. When Lysander awakes he saw Helena (the admirer of the admirer of Hermia, Demetrius) and falls completely in love with her. Meanwhile Hermia is wondering what

happened to her love.In the falling action Puck fixes what he has done wrong , and all the lovers are extremely confused.Then all the couples marry one another and all live happily ever after. The main characters in the play are Hermia, Lysander, Helena, and Demetrius. Hermia is the daughter of Egeus and the mutual lover of Lysander. She is a very beautiful,nice, and free spirited girl. Lysander is madly an love with Hermia but Egeus says that he is not fit to be her suitor because Egeus believes that Lysander is just interested in . . . “play”. In all actuality Lysander is really in love with Hermia. Helena is madly in love with Demetrius and there is nothing anyone can do to dissuade her in her feelings. Demetrius was in love with Hermia but it was basically a feelings on

association type thing considering he was chosen to be the suitor for her by Egeus. Then Demetrius finally woke up and fell in love with Helena.The main idea/ theme of this play is that love can be brought upon some one in so many different ways, it is almost comical how easily they fell in love. Shakespeare?s philosophy in this play is that love can be one of the most fickle things in the world and the most easy thing to tamper with in regards to, making it much more complicated or difficult.In this play if you take away all the fairies and so on it could be a real life situation and that is where one this play is a comedy and two he demonstrates that the human can be reliable to follow their hearts up until a certain point in ones relationship. He also shows the reader that

love has no boundaries whatsoever.”Love hath no law but his own” this is my absolute favorite quote of the entire play. What it basically means to me is that love follows its own path no matter what the circumstances are. It also describes the unexplainable definition of the path and rules of love.In society love has no limits. The work demonstrated that in society it doesn?t matter what social class you are or if anyone else needs to approve of the relationship. The only two active participants in the relationship need to stay true to one another though the duration of the relationship. It also tells the reader no matter how many are really and truly in love, love can be an extremely fickle thing.