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seriously you are wounded, you will lose no blood. (Malory, p.341.) Frodo and Gandalf have swords, Sting and Glamdring, which give off a cold light when Orcs are nearby. Aragorn has a magic sword Anduril which once was broken but is now reforged. All the swords were used for good and protection of those who were honorable. Magic potions and spells are used in the stories. Merlin puts a sleep spell on King Pellinore when he is about to kill King Arthur. Glorfindel gives the Hobbits a magic drink which is clear as water and has no taste but strength and vigor seem to flow into all their limbs as they drink it. (Tolkien, p.258-259.) This magic drink helps the Fellowship carry own several times when they think they can go not further. Often dreams or visions help warn or let them see

the future. Sir Modred offers to battle King Arthur on Sallisburg Down. King Arthur has a dream where his sister s son, Sir Gawain, comes to him and says, we plead with you not to give battle to Sir Modred, for if you do not only will you yourself be killed but all your noble followers too. (Malory, p. 364.) King Arthur did not take the warning and was later killed by Sir Modred. Frodo leaves the Fellowship and goes up to the top of Amon Hen alone. Through the mist he sees several visions. Sitting in the Seat of Seeing he sees a world covered with Orcs, Lorien in smoke and the Beorning s Land in flames. He sees the Fortress of Sauron rise above all. He struggles with himself wanting to run but suddenly cries out, I will do now what I must. The evil of the Ring is already at work

even in the company, and the Ring must leave them before it does more harm. I will go alone. (Tolkien, p.472) Tolkien s use of the Ring is the most important use of supernatural in his book. It has the power to make the wearer invisible and ageless. It also makes the wearer s personality fade away taking it over. The wearer does not die but loses the will to go on. The wearer wants to get rid of it and at the same time cannot bear to part with it. At times it is like a heavy weight around Frodo s neck. It cannot be destroyed except in the Cracks of Doom. Its greatest evil power is that if Sauron gets it back he will be able to rule the world. King Arthur s sword, Excalibur, could also have been used for evil if it had gotten in the wrong hands. The bearer would rule and never

bleed from a wound. Sir Launcelot, Aragorn and Frodo all carry out knightly quests in the stories. All these knightly quests revolve around righting a wrong. The knightly quest of Sir Launcelot in the tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake is to vindicate the honor of the knights of the Round Table that Sir Tanquine put in prison. Sir Launcelot ends up beheading him and going on to fight a knight who has robbed and done many bad things to a noblewoman and her people. Aragorn does many knightly quests as he leads the Fellowship in their quest to Mordor to destroy the Ring. He takes over as the leader when Gandalf gives his life to protect the Fellowship from Balrog. Aragorn also has the quest of returning as ruler to his kingdom. Going down the river, Aragorn sees Argonath, the Pillars of

Kings. This is two giant statues of the kings of Isildur and Anarion. In the stern sat Aragorn son of Arathorn, proud and erect, a light was in his eyes: a king returning from exile to his own land. (Tolkien, p.463.) As much as he wants to return to his home land, he knows he must first lead the Fellowship to destroy the Ring before Sauron rules over all of them. Frodo Baggins begins to know the evil of the Ring. He feels it pulling on him and sees the destruction while he is seated in the Seat of Seeing. Frodo s quest as the Ring Bearer is to take the Ring to the one place where it can be destroyed, the Cracks of Doom, before Sauron gets it and takes over the world. Inscribed inside of the Ring seen only after it has been place in fire is as follows: One Ring to rule them all,

One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. (Tolkien, p.75) With one story having a ring that offers eternal youth and another with a sword that keeps its owner from ever bleeding, it is hard to imagine what the two could have in common. After looking at the make up of the groups, the heroes, the villains, moral codes, supernatural elements and knightly quests, it is easy to see that they do share many similarities. Tolkien s work deals more with fantasy characters and places but all in all they are very similar. 3a6