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difference in the moral codes is that the knights often let human desires enter into their decisions as when Sir Launcelot was asked by King Bagdemagus s daughter to fight King of Northgalis and three knights of the Round Table in defense of her father. Sir Lancelot kisses her on the forehead and says, very well, if you can rescue me out of this prison, I will fight in the faction of King Bagdemagus next Tuesday. (White, p.357) King Arthur and Frodo Baggins as protagonists were both elected to be leaders. Merlin appeared before King Uther and told him, Your child is destined for glory. (Malory, p.330.) In the church yard after the death of King Uther a marble block with a sword in it has the following inscription, WHOSO PULLETH OUTE THIS SWERD OF THIS STONE AND ANVYLD IS RIGHTWYS

KYNGE BORNE OF ALL BRYTAYENE. (Malory, p.332.) Many nobles tried to pull out the sword but could not. Arthur pulled it out and thinking it was Sir Kay s gave it to him. Sir Ector had him put it back in the stone which again no one but him could remove proving to all he was to be king. Frodo Baggins has been elected to be the Ring Bearer. He questions Gandalf why he was chosen. Gandalf says, You may be sure that it was not for an merit that others do not possess: not for power or wisdom, at any rate. But you have been chosen, and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have. (Tolkien, p.87) Both Frodo and King Arthur have wizard to advise and protect them. Merlin tries to warn King Arthur against marrying Gwynevere because, Gwynevere is destined to love Sir

Launcelot and he her, and many disasters will result from their love. (Malory, p.342) In battle with King Arthur, King Pellinore is afraid that he will not be shown mercy if he lets King Arthur live so he starts to kill him with his sword when Merlin puts him to sleep with a magic spell. Frodo s wizard companion is Gandalf whose staff lights up the darks halls of Swariondelf and Durin s Khazaddum so the Fellowship can find their way. His wisdom always leads them in the right direction. He even saves the Fellowship from Balrog when he jumps into the abyss to fight him. Though the protagonists differ physically, Frodo being a Hobbit and King Arthur being a human, both find the strength and courage to carry out their mission. King is Arthur is powerful fighter and as his first task

as king had to re-establish those nobles who had been robbed of their lands and establish peace and order in the counties near London. (Malory, p.333). Hobbits are not competitive and do not seek power. Frodo admits, I am not made for perilous quests (Tolkien, p.87.) when told how the Ring must be destroyed. Sir Modred and Sauron serve as antagonists both showing evil but in different ways. Sir Modred sent false letters saying King Arthur was dead so he could take over not only the throne but his wife, Queen Gwynevere. Sir Modred is killed by King Arthur s spear and his sword strikes King Arthur s skull eventually killing him. He shows the dark side of human nature with disrespect for God, King Arthur, the Queen and his fellow knights. Sauron, The Dark Lord of Mordor, represents

evil in his attempt to get back the One Ring he lost. The Ring holds enough power to make him emperor of the world. He often appears to Frodo as the Eye always looking for a way to get inside of him. As Frodo looks into the Mirror of Galadriel, he sees total blackness then a single Eye that grows, until it fills nearly all the mirror. . .the Eye is rimmed with fire. . .The Eye begins to rove, searching this way and that and Frodo knows with certainty that among the many things he seeks he himself is one. (Tolkien, p.430.) Sauron, unlike Sir Modred, uses evil creatures and Ring to help him. The Black Riders are his main helpers. There are nine of them in search of Frodo and the Ring. They use Black Breath that smells bad and causes their victim to go into a coma. They are blind

and cry out at night or use Black Speech to one another. Orcs are creatures with squatty legs, squinty eyes and fangs. They are good fighters coming out at night. The Ring allows the Black Riders to see Frodo when he puts it own because he becomes part of Sauron s plan to take him over along with the rest of the world. Both Malory and Tolkien use swords, magic potions or spells and dreams or visions supernaturally in their stories. King Arthur is given the magic sword Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake. Merlin asks King Arthur which he preferred the sword or the scabbard given to him by the Lady of the Lake. King Arthur seeing the beauty of the sword says the sword. Merlin replies, You are a fool. The scabbard is worth ten of the sword, because while you wear it, regardless of how