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the author comes ?to realize what had been technically true since [his] birth: [he] was an American citizen? (51). This explains that American society and its cultural expectations of him and his family did not let him feel as though he was a part of it until he learned the language. In this story we are shown how these cultural expectations forced Rodriguez and his family to lose some of their own culture and identity. In order to be accepted and feel like a part of the whole the family had to sacrifice their native language, that he felt held them together, and accept a new way of speaking. Although Rodriguez does not tell us about how he as a person in society changed much except that he was accepted by the other children, it is very probable that to fit into society?s ever

changing mold he had to change some of his mannerisms and ways as well as his language. Through this story he shows us how pressure and the expectations of society can do this to a person and his family.