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A Look Into With Honors Essay, Research Paper A Look Into With Honors The movie, With Honors, can be viewed as both a learning experience for current college students along with children and adults of all ages. With Honors is a movie that entertained, educated, and had somewhat of a happy ending if it is thought about. With Honors entertains the audience in many ways, some happy ways and some sadder. The introduction of the homeless guy, Simon B. Wilder, makes the mind feel bad for him for being homeless but also happy for him because he is not a typical homeless person. He has both a place to stay and a place to be warm. The plot to the movie keeps the mind on track and pondering what will happen next. One of the most entertaining quotes in the movie is when Simon says to

Jeff, ?I can?t help it you feel like I look.? This comes while Simon is fixing breakfast in the kitchen and Jeff, the character who does not like the idea of Simon staying in the same house as him, walks in looking for something to eat. This movie is also educating because it focuses on college age students helping a homeless guy that had cancer from asbestos that he has breathed in earlier in his life. The fact that Monty, college student working diligently on his thesis, did not really want to get to know Simon at first changed dramatically throughout the movie. At the beginning all Monty wanted was his thesis back. He did not care about the feelings of Simon. By the end of the movie this opinion of Monty had changed dramatically. Monty had got to great lengths to help Simon

including, driving a long ways so Simon could see his son and grandchild before he died and also giving Simon a place to stay out of the cold in his house. Simon taught everyone in the house a lesson along with everyone sitting in the audience watching the movie. Someone does not have to be rich and extravagant to be on top of life and have a good attitude about life. Although this movie may not have seemed to end with a happy ending for anybody, it did end happy for Simon. He died in a loving home surrounded by four people that cared and loved him deeply. The death of someone is never a happy event but in this case it can be. Simon?s death stopped his suffering from his disease and the fact that he was surrounded by people that loved him made it not quite as bad. This movie had

many funny parts that kept the audience on their toes and wandering what would happen next. One example of this is when Simon cooks the dinner and it is just Monty and himself and he cooks Corky, the rooster, as the main course. This was a turning point that brought Monty and Simon closer to each other. Although the end of the movie brought death to Simon, the whole experience changed the lives of everybody in the house. Before Simon died he wrote his own obituary that said little things that described everyone in the house. This is what he wrote: Monty, ?You graduated life with honors,? Courtney, ?Full of love,? Everett, ?Has a way with words,? and finally Jeff, ?He knows how to flush the toilet.? The quote made about Monty, graduated life with honors, is very symbolic. Monty

was not able to graduate from Harvard with honors because he did not turn his thesis in on time, but he risked the graduating with honors to take Simon to his son so he could see him one last time before he died. So truthfully in life terms Monty did have honors because of his companionship with Simon.