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much restraint he evidently has in order to remain a priest when he knows that Rosamondshares the same feelings for him (225). Possibly the most effective de-vice used in this novel issuspense. With its constant presence, the book is more active and vig-orous. For instance, after afierce argument with Tempest, Lito is never seen at the house again. Tempest is unwilling to speak ofit, so Rosamond goes in search of him and finds a grave with Lito’s fez on top. Alcott leaves thesubject alone after that, leading the reader to believe he is dead. It is not until later in the novelthat she reveals Lito has faked death to live with his mother (112). Therefore, Alcott is able to makethe novel’s different aspects seem round and complete by using !such different techniques. This

background, together with a believable plot, convincing characterization, and im-portantliterary devices, enables Louisa May Alcott in A Long Fatal Love Chase to the develop the theme that loveis a fatal obsession. The point of this theme is to turn the novel into a trag-edy, which makes it morememorable. Alcott succeeds by giving the exact opposite of what is expected, the death of Rosamond. Itis a good method, because without it, it would have been just another love story. The novel isworthwhile because it deals with more than romance; it relates to death and events beyond our control.