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listeningfor a while she finds out that the woman speaking to Tempest is his true wife and she is trying to gettheir son, Lito, back from him (88). Rosamond is shocked to find out that Tempest lied to her anddeceived her into be-coming his mistress. She quickly packs a few clothes and escapes through herbedroom window into the night (92). Succeeding the generating circumstances, the rising action bringssuspense and apprehension to the novel. This segment is a r!epetition of Rosamond retreating from Tempest, him finding her, and barely escaping him again by usingher intellect; it is also signifi-cant because it reveals that Rosamond has fallen in love with anotherman. An example of Tempest’s persistence occurs after Rosamond’s first flight when she takes up sewingto support

herself, and ends up living in an apartment for nine months. When she returns to her room oneday, she finds Tempest sitting in her only chair waiting for her. She tries to escape but Baptiste,Tempest’s faithful servant, is blocking the door and Tempest threatens that if she screams, he will sayshe is mad and carry her away by force (96). After a long discussion and a real proposal from Tempest,Rosamond tells him that she will think about it and give him an answer in the morning. He then tells herthat he has made sure she cannot escape and will be waiting for her tomorrow. After he leaves, sheclimbs out the window, goes across the roof, and knocks on !a neighbor’s window (101). Mademoiselle Honorine, Rosamond’s neighbor, hides her in a basket filled velvet fabric and

together they leave right under Tempest’s nose(106). Later in the novel, Rosamond joins a convent and meets Ignatius, a young and attractive priest. He falls in love with her right away, and when Tempest bribes Father Dominic into letting him into thecon-vent, Ignatius tries to save her. They flee and he becomes the only friend that she can trust (140). This event is precarious because it may be the last chance that Rosamond has for happi-ness, and with theconstant threat of Tempest’s pursuit and Ignatius’ distance (he loves her but cannot get to close becausehe is still a priest), it is unknown if she will ever find peace. Subse-quent to their escape, theprolonged climax occurs when Tempest and Ignatius twice confront each other. Tempest stops Ignatius inthe middle of a

street and challenges him to a duel with pistols. Ignatius turns him down claiming thathe is a man of God and will shoot no one. When Tempes!t insults Rosamond, Ignatius quickly catches him by the throat. They then fight violently but the shortstruggle is abruptly over when Tempest’s head strikes a stone lays stunned (225). The secondconfrontation occurs when Tempest seeks revenge on Ignatius. Ro-samond and Ignatius decide to go back tothe island when she receives word a letter from her grandfather explaining that her aunt has passed away. Tempest is determined not to let Ignatius leave with her, and he bribes the attendants of their boat toleave with Rosamond while Ignatius is gone. Ignatius returns to find Rosamond out at sea and the Circe,Tempest’s yacht, in close pursuit.

He gets into another boat to follow but it is not fast enough. WhenTempest sees that the Osprey, the boat Rosamond is in, is safe at shore, he tells one of his men to rundown the boat Ignatius is in with their yacht. After the boat is destroyed, Tempest returns to shore ex-pecting to find Rosamond. Instead he sees Rosamond’s gr!andfather weeping over Rosamond’s dead body and Ignatius standing close by. When he asks what killed her, the grandfather ex-claims: You wrecked her and left her to die in the cruel sea! The priest followed and compelled your tools togive her up, and would have brought her to me without harm but for your black deed. Wring your hands andgroan till your hard heart breaks, you are too late for any word of hers (241). Tempest then drives a hidden dagger

deep into his breast, drops to his knees, gathers the dead woman hisarms and says: “Mind first-mine last-mine even in the grave!” (242). At that point the novel abruptlyends with no resolution except Ignatius’ previous words: “Nothing can part us long; our love was true andpure, and though forbidden here it will unite us forever in the beautiful hereafter” (242). Thoughpredictable at the beginning, Alcott makes A Long Fatal Love Chase memorable with its high energy andunexpected conclusion. A Long Fatal Love Chase is based on three main characters: Rosamond Vivian, Phillip Tempest, andFather Ignatius. To begin, Rosamond Vivian could be the leading character in any fairy tale with herbeauty and temperament, strong moral convictions, and endurance. Her uncommon looks and