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card!? he would say. A card??? I had to ask what that meant the first time he said it in front of me. Then there?s my parent?s generation. Things were very ?groovy? back then. Oh really? Well nowadays, they?re ?off the hook.? Bottom line is that it would be very hard to enforce a universal language, or even get everyone on earth to learn it. Ideally, you?d have to wait for all the old-timers to die off, since they wouldn?t want to change, force everyone to forget about their heritage, and have everyone, no matter his age group or location, use the same terminology. But once the older generations start to die, then the middle-aged folks take their place. So you see, it really would have to be forced onto everyone, including those set in their ways. Next thing you know, my mom

would be calling me from California saying that she went to the money-mover last night so she could go to the new mall with her amigos today because it was ?off the hook.? I?d think she had gone mad! Could our world have a universal language? Even if we had a universal language, there would be different dialects no matter where we went. People would still use code words within their circles, whether it is a community circle, family circle, or circle of friends. Language is part of what makes us unique individuals. If we take that away or try to make us all the same, what would be interesting anymore? Bibliography 22 years old freshman at Old Dominion University