A Kind Of Alaska Essay Research Paper

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A Kind Of Alaska Essay, Research Paper A Kind of Alaska by Harold Pinter Deborah critic- When Deborah, who has been in a comatose state for twenty-nine years, finally awakens, her first sight is of a person she does not know. Deborah does not know where her family is, and she is confused. She does not understand what the doctor, Hornby, is telling her. Hornby is trying to explain to Deborah what has happened to her. Deborah tells him, There s something very shady about you (13). Deborah does not know why, but she does not like Hornby, her doctor, from the beginning of the play. Deborah does not understand what has happened to her, so she taking her frustration out on Hornby. The situation that Deborah is in is clearly not up to her standards, and therefore, neither is her

doctor. jester- Although Deborah does not mean to be funny, many of the statements that she says are exactly that. Since she is disorientated, many of the statements that she says can be attributed to Deborah s confused state. While the doctor, Hornby, is trying to explain Deborah s situation to her, she is still thinking of things that happened twenty-nine years ago. While the doctor is explaining how she awoke, Deborah states, And you are my Prince Charming. Aren t you? Oh speak up. Silly shit. All men are alike (15). Deborah is not trying to be funny, and her situation is not a humorous one, but Deborah is still amusing. deviant- Deborah is not like everyone else. Eventhough she has been is a sleep like state for twenty-nine years, she still believes that she has been

practicing her dancing. While talking to her doctor, Deborah states, I ve kept in practice, you know. I ve been dancing in very narrow spaces (17). Deborah believes that she is a wonderful dancer. She also believes, as she very well may have, that she has been practicing dancing throughout the past twenty-nine years. If Deborah was practicing her dance moves, then the very narrow place where is practices is the confines of her brain (17). dreamer- When one thinks of a dreamer, it is usually someone who wants to be rid of their actual life to live their fantasy life. In Deborah s case, it is the other ways around. Deborah has been without the people she knows and loves for twenty-nine years. Her dream is be reunited with them and continue life as she left it. Deborah really wants

to have a birthday party. While she is talking to her sister Pauline, this becomes evident. Deborah states, I want to go home…Is it my birthday soon? Will I have a birthday party? Will everyone be there? Will they all come (21). Deborah dreams of being reunited with her family and friends. Deborah desperately dreams of living the life she remembers. loner- Deborah s has been alone for the last twenty-nine years. She has had no one but herself to interact with. when she first awakes from her sleep, her frustration at being isolated from everyone and everything is apparent. Deborah states, No-one hears what I say. No-one is listening to me (11). Because of her condition, Deborah was completely isolated from the rest of the world. Her thoughts were never heard, and her words were

never spoken. traditionalist- Deborah believes that her parents will take care of her. This is a thought that is similar among children everywhere. When Hornby is explaining to Deborah that she has been asleep, her response is simple. Deborah states, If I sleep late my mother wakes me up (12). Deborah believes that her mother takes care of her. survivor- What Deborah has had to go through is very hard to believe. The fat that she awoke from her coma and was coherent is enough to make her a survivor. While talking to Hornby it becomes apparent that Deborah believes that she was dead. Deborah states, You mean I m dead… I don t feel dead… (14). Deborah has just awoken and survived twenty-nine years of a coma like state. The simple fact that she is able to communicate and after