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purpose in life is to find a male companion and to get married . In a way this is the Cisneros version of the “Pretty trap ,”because the girls have been taught by society that being pretty is a talent that can get them somewhere in life. In describing Marin, for example, Cisneros explains that Marin is standing on the street “waiting for a car to stop, a star to fall, someone to change her life.” In other words, if you are a woman you need a man to make your life worthwhile. Esperanza has determined not to grow up like the other girls, and she refuses to be dominated by men. However, Cisneros shows many examples of women getting married and end up being owned by their husbands. She describes women who are prisoners in their own homes, who look out the window their whole

lives. Sally is a good example. Sally, who is been kept inside her whole life, gets married before eighth grade. She gets married to get away from all the troubles she has with her father. “She says, she’s in love but I think she did it to escape,” says Esperanza. Sally also has a home and things of her own now. Her husband, however, does not let her talk on the phone, visit with friends or look out the window. Her days are spent alone looking at all the things that they own. ” The Towels and toaster, and alarm clock and drapes.” Esperanza realizes that although Sally now has all the material things a husband can provide, her life is not worth very much because she is trapped in a room with nothing to do, except look at the things that she owns. Cisneros tells us about

Rafaela, whose husband locks her indoors because he is afraid that she will run away. She is young, and dreams that she has hair like Rapunzel’s. With this comparison, Cisneros tells us that Rafaela is waiting to be rescued. Instead Rafaela sits in her home listening to music from the bar down the street, hoping to go there someday to dance. She too has traded her freedom for a husband. Now that she is not able to buy herself a drink from the store. She is “getting old from leaning out her window.” Cisneros indicates that some of the Hispanic man abuse their wives. Minerva is a woman Cisneros says is being abused. She says that Minerva cries “because her luck is unlucky.” She has many problems in life, the biggest one being her husband. Even though she throws him out,

she takes him back in , and the cycle starts all over again only to end up the same way it started. She is all black and blue, and asks “What can I do.” Even though Cisneros portrays most of the Latino women in these male dominated ways, she wants her readers to know that Esperanza is different. In the chapter “My name,” she tells us that her grandmother had the same name, and that she admires her grandmother because she was ” a wild horse of a woman,” like her Grandmother Esperanza was born in the year of the horse, and that signifies strength. Esperanza feels that she will grow up to be a strong woman, and she is determined to leave Mango Street and lead her own life. Cisneros lets us know that as much as Esperanza admires her grandmother she is determined not to

“inherit her place by the window.” In the chapter “Beautiful Cruel,” Esperanza makes this clear by saying “but I have decided not to grow up tame like the others who lay their necks on the thresh-hold waiting for the ball and chain.” She has started her own was. She says “I am the one who leaves the table like a man, without putting back the chair or picking up the plate the.” In the last chapter she lets us know how she plans to become her own woman, because she has the ability to tell stories. She is different and can part with life on Mango Street. She is strong enough to go away, but she knows she will return through her writing to help weaker woman who “cannot get out.” Cisneros uses the book The House on Mango Street to show that you acquire the beliefs

of others around you , and when you never have a chance to get to know all the aspects of life you can’t imagine a better life for yourself, when you don’t know what to imagine. She creates the character Esperanza to show us that that every once in a while one person can be different, and try to make their life better, and the lives of others better.