A House Of Plague Essay Research Paper

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A House Of Plague Essay, Research Paper I feel empty. I feel darkness pass inside me and through me devouring me into pure emptiness. I feel my walls cracking. I feel my suds rot and my inner structure collapse in upon itself to relieve my suffering. I wish this upon myself I no longer want to exist. I am a house. I am a house that wishfully rots away. I once felt the joy of being the shelter from the storm. I once felt the joy of being filled with a family that cared for me, kept me and cherished me. I felt the joy of love on all holidays . I was decorated with care and I stood with pride because I was the most beautiful house on my street. I felt more beautiful than the palace here in my city of London. Now it is all gone. The family is all gone to the pits where the store

all the dead families. Fist it was the youngest Sarah. Then quickly followed by Geoffrey the eldest son. Nest was the woman of the house Amy which I especially cared for because of her wonderful ability to clean me. Last was the man of the house Bruce. Every night I heard his cries as each family member dies. And then I heard his screams as the plague ate his body alive. I can still remember the scratching on my walls as he struggled with the pain of this great sickness. No matter how hard I tried to be the great shelter I once was. No matter how tight I shut my windows and doors. No matter how I wished them not to leave the house. I could not keep the plague out. I remember when it all started her in London. The whole family was out when I first heard about this killer. I was

anxiously waiting there return when the man from the house that sat next to me was informing one of his friends on the death of Mr. Robinson the store keeper. He informed the man to keep quiet about the whole situation until he could go over and diagnose the man. His friend replied in a curious manner wondering why his friend looked so worried about a single mans death. The man of the house stared straight into the eyes of his friend and spoke as if a preacher and replied he had seen me no man ever die like this before. He spoke of Mr. Robinson’s violent vomiting, aching joints, swollen body and he had fear in his eyes as he spoke of wretched orbital that covered his body filled with his own fluid. Now the man’s friend now understood, but did not feel fear until he was

quickly informed that the rest of his house are all showing similar symptoms. After hearing this I wanted nothing but to keep my family inside and protect them form such a sickness. I thought of nothing but there safe return. The family returned in the evening all wonderfully healthy. Oh, my wonderful family I can still feel the warmth they filled me with. The conversation I had heard that afternoon was still gnawing at the back of my mind. I only wanted to protect them so when they all returned to their chambers I made sure my portals were all closed extra tight. The next morning the whole street was in chaos. People were all a buzz about what had happened to Mr. Robinson and his family. Everyone was astounded not only of his death, but the fact his entire household was dying of

a disease that killed them in slow and great pain. Now I only wished to protect my family, but even I did not feel fear until rumors were spread that the man of the house that sat nest to us has also fallen ill. After this news hit I was in great panic. With out my family I was nothing. There was no point in living. On the dawn of the following day I say a beautiful sunrise on a beautiful day. If I had known that this was the last day I would have a completely healthy family again I would have paid a little more attention to it. I would have appreciated everything a little more. Bruce was arguing with Amy about the fact that he should not go visit our next store neighbor in fear that he too will become sick. He replied that he could not leave his neighbor over there without