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pursue and try to murder David, a clear agent of God. Therefore, Saul has ultimately developed on three separate levels. On the first of these levels, he first begins to doubt God’s power and word when he sees the massive Philistine army and makes a sacrifice to ensure God’s support. This first sin slowly progresses onto a second level, when Saul chooses to openly defy God and decides to spare Agag. In his final level of development, Saul has deteriorated into an evil person searching for a way to destroy God’s good work. Although it is perfectly clear that God protects David, Saul continues to try and kill him. At this junction Saul finds himself alone; his son is on David’s side, his daughter is on David’s side, his people are on David’s side, and most importantly

God is on David’s side. Therefore, Saul must die and give way to David, yet David is unwilling to kill God’s anointed one, and the Philistines are kept from kill Saul because they are all uncircumcised. The final solution presents itself when Saul is injured and “thereupon [he] took his own sword and fell on it. Once Saul is dead as a result of his own hand, David is king and he is not stained with the blood of another anointed king. Saul’s progression from God’s chosen king to king against God comes full circle. He came from the sin of the people and therefore he must die when he returns to that sin. Saul’s story serves as an example of human nature’s need to judge for itself in its purest form. This need is very problematic, as we have seen, because humans can

only see the obvious cause and effects that present themselves throughout life. “The Lord does not see as a mortal sees; mortals see only appearances but the Lord sees into the heart”(16:7). As humans our perceptions are imperfect, and as a result we cannot possibly judge what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, the most basic human sin is then need to become like God in making these judgements that we cannot possibly make with any accuracy what so ever. Saul embodies pure pride and is apart of Israel’s development into a nation that will ultimately serve as a guide to the world because he is a model of what humans must restrain themselves form doing and being.