A Holiday In Italy Essay Research Paper

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A Holiday In Italy Essay, Research Paper I ve just come back from Italy after my twelve days trip there. It was wonderful to makenew friends during travelling, plus they are nice people too. Ironically, Italy is an ancient country, which full of historical heritages, especially during the Roman Empire. There were a lot of statues and paintings in galleries and museums. In Rome, there has nothing but lots of museum, galleries,churches and roman forums. It was exhausting to travel for whole day on foot. I walked 10 hours a day during in Rome. I spent three days there, walking around within the museums and galleries. Well, for two days my eyes had seen a lot of statues and paintings until I got tired of them. Apart from that, I went to visit some of the famous churches in Rome,

especially San Peter Church on which was nearby Vatican City. This church is brilliant and well decorated with statues, paintings and carvings on the ceilings. I don t know how to describe it in English. But if one day you have the opportunity to visit Italy in future, you will know how great it is. There was something annoying me very much during the second day in Rome. I was robbed by two small girls who were at their age of 15 years old when I came out from the post office. At first, they came to me asking for money by telling me that you were starving, needed some money to buy food. I ignored them and walked away. They kept following and pulling my suit. I said I didn t have money to give them. Suddenly, I felt a hand fumbling in my pocket. No doubt, I caught her handstiffly

and I found that they were stealing my money from my pocket. My money was scattered on the floor. I released my hands to pick up all my money back and the two girls walked away as if nothing happened. I chasedthem and shouted for the police. But nobody bothered me. One of the girls pulled up her jumper, showing her breasts in order to stop me blocking their way. Finally, I gave up and let them get away. I was completely devastated with this incident which happened in the beginning of the day. Besides, I went to Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Verona and Vanice. In Vanice, I met an Italian gay guy offering me money to have sex withhim. This happened when I was walking along the bank. A guy started talking to me and then helping me out lots in taking pictures. He also showedme around in one

of the Islands in Vanice called Lido. Apart from that, he also bought me drinks and offered to stay in his house by telling me that it was costly to stay in the hotel. So I followed him to hisstudio to have lunch with him. The studio was deserted. There was only he andI in the studio. After filling up our stomach, he started to dance and taught me how to dance. I started suspecting that he was gay as he got closed to me. Suddenly, he embraced me and telling me he loved me. I pushed him away without doubt. He begged me to take off my trousers but I refused. And then, he asked if I want money. He was offering me money to have sex with him. And i said I don t need any money. He begged meto hug him from the back. So that he could do masturbation. I did helping him doing masturbation

by pretending hugging at his back. Eventually, his sperm spilt on the floor. After that, I told him that I would have to go somewhere and rang up a friend of mine to let her know that I would stay over night in his house. I pretended to be interested in staying in his house. So I asked his phone number and I said I would give him a call in the evening. But I didn t phone him at all. So Ileft Vanice without his notice. Queuing That s the ridiculous experiences I got in Italy. Anyway, I was glad to know that someone admired me. But it was a pity that it was a gay guy. In the other hand, I met some nice Argentinian and Italianduring the entirely journey. They invited me to stay in their house if I come to visit Argentina. We exchanged address and promised to write to each other. A