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mad under his joke was fun.Hilda said that she was afraid for Simeon.Part 3, Chapter 3.Tressilian, the butler, is the narrator.Two of the servants talking and when one said that the police had shown up at the house, the Valet dropped his cup of tea and started to perspire. He became at ease when he found out that it was only to collect for the children’s orphanage.At dinner all of the family, except for the man from South Africa, was quiet. They only talked in spurts.David was nervous and knocked over his glass of wine.David played the “Dead March” on the piano after dinner and the butler thought it was strange.Above him he heard china crashing and furniture falling over.Harry and The South African, Mr. Farr, were already there after they ran upstairs to find that the door

to the old man’s room was locked.There was a ring at the door.They broke the door down with a wooden bench.Furniture was broken, china shattered. There was definitely a struggle in the room.Simeon was laying in a pool of blood, the rug beside him had caught fire.Part 3, Chapter 4.The door bell rang again. They opened up the door to find the police chief at the door.The chief took charge and made everyone leave the room and made them not touch anything.Pilar picked something up and was reluctant to give it back. She played “Dumb”.It was a piece of rubber and wood. The Superintendent put them into a bag and placed the bag into his pocket.Part 3, Chapter 5.This chapter starts off with Colonel Johnson and Hercule Poirot talking about different poisoning murders and how they

used to be “un-English”.The Colonel said that there was less likely to be murders during the Christmas season than any other time of the year.The men were talking about Christmas and then the phone rang and it was a case of murder. (Ironic)The Colonel thought that the old man was not very liked in the community.But the case will still cause a big stirr.The colonel asked Poirot if he would like to come along on the case.Poirot said that he would only assist the Superintendent and not take over the case.Part 3, Chapter 6.The men were at the house and started to look for clues.Poirot was famous in the area for solving a case of nicotine poisoning a few years before.Mr. Lee’s throat was slit, jugular vein severed.Mr. Lee had phoned the Superintendent earlier in the afternoon

and told him to go to Mr. Lee’s house. The old man told the Super. that the house had been robbed of many uncut diamonds. The old man thought that the diamonds may be a practicle joke played by someone in the house. The old man told the Super to return in a hour and that the old man would have the case solved. The Super returned in an hour and the old man was dead.