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A Handmade’s Tale Essay, Research Paper Final assignment Novel Analysis The handmaid?s tale 1997-1998 Gerald F. Curial Table of contents Introduction 1 A. Analysing a Short Story or Novel. Outline of key-events 2 Characterization 3 Use of Frequency 4 Theme(s) 4 Narrative technique 4 Plot and tension 4 Style 4 B. Discussion questions 5 Personal evaluation 5 Introduction ?The handmaid?s tale? was recommended to me by Vanessa Arendsz. She was a student at the H.A.N. ?The handmaid?s tale? is about a woman that narrates her story. The story of how she struggles in a society where women have lost their freedom. She desperately wants to see her daughter again, and she is willing to do anything to get her daughter back. A. ANALYSING A SHORT STORY OR NOVEL OUTLINE OF KEY EVENTS: 

Offred remembers walking with her mother, who was a liberated woman, through a park, where women were burning porno books and magazines.  Offred fall in love with Luke. Luke had already been married.  The president of the republic of Gilead and a lot of members of Congress were killed, money was abolished and the Constitution was suspended.  Strong measures were taken against immoral practices.  The bank accounts of women, who were single or married to a divorced man, were blocked and the women were obliged to quit from their jobs.  Offred and Luke tried to escape from the Republic, but they fail and she lost Luke and her daughter.  Offred is taken to the Red Center, Rachel and Leah Re-education Center, where the ?Aunts? took care of them.  The Handmaids are

not allowed to talk to each other and are only allowed to go outside the building twice a day for short walks.  Moira, an old friend of Offred, tried to escape from the Center, but failed and after being tortured she could not walk for a week.  Moira tried to escape from the center and she succeeded in it.  Handmaid are obliged to see old porno films, to see how women where treated, and films about unwomen.  Offred is transferred to the house of a Commander and his wife Serena Joy.  Ofglen is assigned to walk with her when they to the heart of the Republic. They are supposed to spy each other.  On their way back they walk along the Wall to see the hanging bodies. The bodies are a result of the Salvagings.  In the summer Handmaid?s change their dresses. 

Once a month Handmaids are taken to the doctor to do a pregnancy test.  The doctor offered Offred help, because she was not pregnant. But she refused, because it is illegal and the punishment is death.  Each month the Ceremony took place and the Commander read the same passages out of the bible.  Ofwarren gave birth to a girl, but her Commander?s wife took the baby away.  Offred and the Commander began meeting in the evening, and sometimes he gave her a present.  Because Offred could not get pregnant from the Commander, Serena offered her to make sex to Nick (the driver). If Offred accepts, Serena will show her a picture of her daughter.  The Commander took Offred to a party to a club, where they do things that are strictly forbidden (e.g. prostitutes). 

Offred met Moira in the club and Moira told her how she escaped and was caught.  Offred started seeing Nick each evening.  One day they went to a Salvaging. There they killed a man, who was accused as a rapist. But he really was a member of the underground movement.  On the next walk another Handmaid has replaced Ofglen. The former Ofglen committed suicide.  They came and take Offred away in a black van. She was accused of ?Violation of State Secrets?.  Professor Pieixoto is analyzing the tapes of Offred during a convention. CHARACTERIZATION: Offred (round character) 1. Offred (in the beginning of the story) Object: to stay alive and not be brainwashed Motivation/stimulus: not clear Receiver: herself Helper(s): her memoirs Adversary: the regime 2. Offred