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A Governmental Structure Essay, Research Paper Government must be created to serve the people in a just manner. James Madison can best explain this in his writings of The Federalist number 51 saying, ?If men were angels, no government would be necessary.? Witnessing and studying the island, its factions, social structure, and most importantly the population statistics the following description of a government will best suit the needs of the islanders. The structure of this government will solve the problems that many other nations already have; with switching from a monarchy to a modified democracy, the rising birth rate, the difficulties of factions, integration of women into the governmental processes, and bringing Santa Clarita to modernization. The foundation of the

government is largely based on the United States Constitution. The main ideas borrowed from the United States are the separation of powers and a representative government. Division of the Island First and foremost the island of Santa Clarita shall be divided into two separate states: Mumdumia and Wokwokia. Mumdumia will consist of a large population of Mumdums, who already have segregated themselves. Wokwokia will consist of a large population of Wokwoks. The states will each encompass half of the island, Wokwokia in the east and Mumdumia in the west. Elections and Branches of Government From the two states representatives will be elected to fill positions in all three branches of government. The first branch will be the legislative, which will consist of two houses: the Senate

and the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth will have thirty members, fifteen from each state, disregarding population. The representatives will be elected by popular vote. The representatives shall choose three Senators from their respective states. Every law shall be passed through a majority of both houses. This implies that a compromise must be reached to pass any law. In order to be a representative one must have reached the age of twenty. The executive branch shall be a single person. The powers of the executive shall be explained in a following section. Finally a Judicial branch will exist, consisting of five members. The executive, with the approval of the legislative, will choose the judges. Legislative Powers The legislative branch shall have the power to pass all laws,

which shall be applied to both states. A state government will not exist. A separation into two states is only to ease tension between the factions. The legislature will create an army, a police force, a fire department, a public works department, and a national bank and currency. The legislative branch will pass laws of revenue, treaties, declarations of war, and handle all internal and external problems that should arise. The legislative branch shall also have the power to remove public officials with a two-thirds vote. Impeachment can be imposed on diplomats, senators, fellow representatives, the executive, and judges. The term shall be two years for the Commonwealth, and six years for the Senate. Executive Powers The executive branch shall preside over the legislature and

help reach compromises that serve the common good. The second task of the executive shall be to pass or veto laws according to just reasoning. The legislature can override the veto with a two-thirds vote in each house. The third task of the executive is to pick all judges and diplomats, pending legislative approval. The term of the executive will be four years, and a person can only be elected to the executive twice. Judicial Powers The Judicial branch shall review all cases arising from internal disputes, foreign conflicts, and constitutional cases. The judiciary can nullify laws and shall be the supreme court of the island. The rule of law shall be enforced, with written judicial opinions and a record of all cases tried. The term of the judiciary shall be lifetime, except in