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A Frank Piece Of Pie Essay, Research Paper ?A Frank Piece of Pie.? A new movie that came out two weeks ago is ?American Pie.? ?American Pie? is a teen sex comedy that is the most sexually frank and vulgar of a long line of recently released movies that fall in this category. Other such movies that have recently come out but are not quite as frank are ?Can?t Hardly Wait? and ?She?s All That.? When asking what exactly is a teen sex comedy the definition is hard to explain. A teen sex comedy is a comedy with a target audience age of about fifteen to twenty-five. It is a comedy that relates to its target audience and deals with its problems. The movie takes place in either a school or function that deals with people in this target audience. The film shows all of the aspects of

this age groups life showing confrontations with sex, drugs, parties, police, parents and friends. ?American Pie? is the most frank and vulgar when showing sexual tension, questions about sex and sex in general. Movies like this have been around for a while, but never one so frank and vulgar. Not every movie shows a guy chug back on semen filled beer, which they refer to as the ?Pale Ale.? In the eighties movies such as ?License to Drive,? ?Fast Times at Ridgemont High? and ?The Breakfast Club? all spoke of sex and joked of sex but not in the manner that ?American Pie? does. When teen sex comedies were made in the eighties they could not be as vulgar for several reasons. One reason is that society would not accept them to be so vulgar. If films like ?American Pie? were released

in the eighties they would be bashed to death by critics that reviewed it and would receive a rating of NC-35. The second reason is that the movie was designed to be a good wholesome movie not one that is graphic and raunchy. However times have changed. In present times our society is more relaxed and is prone to these raunchy movies. We as movie viewers are more ready for these vulgar movies and know that each movie in this category tries to be more vulgar and frank than its predecessor merely to gain attention and snag more viewers. One problem with these movies being so frank and vulgar in present times is that they fail to mention that all of this casual sex could lead to someone getting a STD or aids. In the eighties aids was not as big of a problem that it is now. So it was

all right to show movies that had sexual frankness and vulgarities because if a person was to be sexually active in that time they did not have to worry as much about aids as one would today. Now that aids is at such a high level of concern not only young people but every sexually active person would agree that it is not wise to portray sex so casually on film as they do. The movie is full of sexual connotations and sexual innuendo. If seeing this movie with a parent or relative or perhaps even a member of the opposite sex, in some situations, would cause me to feel uncomfortable around them. I don?t know why but for some reason I think I would feel uncomfortable watching a guy stick his little man in an apple pie with my grandmother sitting next to me. Or watching a guy go down

on a girl, or hear about a girl stick a musical instrument in her vagina at band camp. I don?t know why but I don?t think my grandmother would be cool with that. She would probably have the same feelings about his movie that Rattaya Nimibutr of The Daily Cougar did in their July 7 issue. ?The movie bounces back and forth between just-for-shock value, toilet humor and simple teen elements. Nothing more, nothing less.? Even despite all of this movies problems that many parents and critics happily point out there are many good parts. With the main point of the movie clearly being sex they do a good job of showing that safe sex is the way to go. A scene in the movie shows all of the guys standing in a circle passing condoms out to everyone. So the movie did make an attempt to show