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that I noticed seemed to be the most disapproving and not the mother. His father seems to believe that Pete needs to be affected by personal experience because he is the one who suggests he should attend the meetings. Pete’s mother is very interesting she attends the revivals on two occasions that we know of. She appears to be attending only to keep an eye of Pete. This illustration makes religion to be a plaything that requires a mother to supervise. (Page 50) “She was sitting near the very back, sitting on the far edge of the pew, like someone who has to leave early…Mother. For a few moments, I felt like I did when I was a little child.” The book makes religion seem to be a complex where it portrays religion to be something that causes people to disconnect their brains.

The actions of the converts are all very stupid they appear to not even use their powers of reason. They are stricken by fainting at very auspicious times. This type of religion is only a skin deep conversion easily shed the next week, day, or hour. (Page 51) “My body shook with joy and emotion beyond telling as I watched him. It shook with pain.” Pete’s best friend also demonstrates a type of religion to the reader even though he is a self-declared atheist. When Pete rejects him because the Preacher Man tells him to Rufus is the most Christian acting character of all the characters on the book. Rufus does not dessert his ex-friend he actually just hides and protects his friend. Rufus’s religions is not actually ever stated it is just demonstrated though his actions. Of

all the characters in the book I am the most admiring of Rufus because he acted exactly as Christ would have. (Page 81, 90-92) “Rufus. Old friend. I couldn’t move. Just stared at him, thinking I was having some kind of hallucination. “Come on Pete,” he whispered, putting his arm around my shoulders. “Come on and go home,” he said.” The book shows a multiplicity of religion. It is interesting to see so many facets of religion at the same time. The book though I believe is trying to say that all of them are the same religion and you should put it all to together for a true religion that is what Christ wanted.