A Farwell To Arms Essay Research Paper

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A Farwell To Arms Essay, Research Paper I. Ernest Hemingway’s literary works have proven him to be one of the most famous American writers in the 1900’s. His works have also been some of the most influential of this time. Hemingway, born in Oak Park, Illinoise in 1899, started his career as a writer as soon as he graduated high school. He briefly worked as a reporter for the Kansas City Star. Hemingway also was a volunteer ambulance driver in Italy during WWI. Then he served as a infantryman in the Italian War.(World Book 182) Hemingway developed a certain style of writing that has been imitated by many writers in the 20th century. he had a plain yet forcefrul prose style. Simple sentences and few adjectives or adverbs portrays his style of writing.(World Book 182) One

characteristic of his writing was his exact descriptions of places and things. Hemingway was a very vivid author in many ways, including his dialouge. One fact that has been proven to be true in many of Hemingway’s books is his type male character. Also known as the Hemingway Hero, this character is always faced with violence and destuction. His wartime experiences help explain why this “hero” faces both physical and psychological violence and the need for courage. This is a trait of “grace under pressure”.(World Book 182) These characters’ behaviors are quite unemotional, even in highly dangerous situations. Hemingway’s first published work, Three Stories and Ten Poems, first came out in 1923. His next work was In Our Town, published in 1924. His earlier works

consist of The Sun Also Rises(1926), A Farwell To Arms(1929), Death in the Afternoon(1932), and The Green Hills of Africa(1935). Across the River and Into the Trees came later in the 1950. In 1952, Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize for The Old Man and the Sea. During the 1950’s, Hemingway suffered physical and mental illnesses. He had adrinking problem that increased over time. He eventually followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps and commited suicide. Even after his death in 1961, Hemingway’s works continued to influence otherwriters and still do today. Two more of his works came out after his death:Islands in the Stream(1970) and the unfinished The Garden of Eden.(World Book 183) II. The setting of A Farewell To Arms is mostly in Italy during World War One. They

are located in the many parts of Italy. The story moves from the front of the war, then to town and citys where the ambulance drivers are, then it move back again to the front of the war. The setting (when on the front) is always described as very dark and gloomy. They also say that it is constantly raining and always muddy. This setting is a metaphore for darkness and death. During WWI many countries were fighting, but the main character, Fredrick Henry persisted on being in the Italin army (even though he is an american). Fredrick Henry was an ambulance driver. He and his buddys pick up hurt or injured victims and took them to the hospital. Now his job as an ambulance driver lets him meet the other main charcater in the story, Catherine Barkley. She is a nurse during the war.

She helps bring light to the story because when you think of any kind of doctor or nurse you think of happiness and people being save from death. The setting of the story helps bring the two characters together. They are constantly in contact with each other. But in an other sense it pulls the two main character away from each other. In the book some of the specific scenes are: When Fredrick Henry gets his legs blown off by fragments. This happenes while Henry is eating a piece of cheese during the war. Obviously he thinks that he is in the clear until he gets hit by fragments and hurts his legs. Another setting in the book is at the hospital. This is a dreary place. It is full of dead and injured people from the war. Here is where a good bit of the action happens. This is the