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directly, we can nevertheless assume that he was going to make this connection just because of the setting in the rain. This book had many examples of symbolism and they all point to the fact that there is always a terrible price to pay for weak actions or for blind love. The word choice and ordering of detail of this book also leads one to believe that they are reading a classic. Hemingway s style is one of simple, straightforward dialogue with the absence of slang. Many generations of readers can read and understand the story. An example of this simplicity of dialogue is as follows: Where do you want to go, Cat? Montreux. It is a very nice place, the official said. I think you will like that place. Here at Locarno is a very nice place, another official said. page 282. Although

this simple dialogue is very easy to read, it is also very powerful in it s directness and simplicity. On the other hand, his use of language when describing scenery is very elaborate. The next year there were many victories. The mountain that was beyond the valley and the hillside where the chestnut forest grew was captured and there were victories beyond the plain on the plateau to the south and we crossed the river in August and lived in a house in Gorizia that had a fountain and many thick shady trees in a walled garden and a wisteria vine purple on the side of the house. page 5. When describing these scenes, not only does he do it in an elaborate and detailed way, but he also runs his thoughts and sentences together as if it were all being spoken in one long drawn-out

breath. The ordering of detail of this book was in a straight-forward, well-organized way. It was very linear and the story did not jump around between the present and flash-backs to the protagonist s past. This kept the story from becoming confusing. Hemingway s style is that of a classic author. Because of the universal themes, ageless symbolism, and style of word choice and story detail, A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway can indeed be considered a classic literary work. The theme of love between a man and woman so self-absorbed that all else is ignored and the theme of life bringing them to a breaking point is a human story that all can sympathize with. The ageless symbolism that compares the loss of a baby, or hope, with the beginning of the American economic depression

is profound. The alcoholism in the story reflects the careless attitudes toward life by the people living at this time. The irresponsible attitudes, such as the decision to desert the army, only leads to heartache. Life is nothing but a game to these characters, until the reality finally smacks them in the face. Hemingway s simple and straight-forward dialogue and story line makes this an easy to read and understandable ageless story.