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Gatsby is madly in love with his cousin, Daisy Buchanan, wife of the wealthy Tom Buchanan. Nick agrees to set up a meeting between Daisy and Gatsby and the two reawaken their lost friendship an old love. Meanwhile, Tom, husband of Daisy is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson, the wife of George Wilson, a poor, lower class gas station attendant. Upon learning of his wife’s affair, Wilson locks her in a room and insists that they move far away from his wife’s lover. Myrtle escapes this room and rushes into the street to find Tom where the Gatsby’s Rolls Royce, driven by Daisy, hits her. After doing some investigating, and after being misled by Tom, Wilson believes that it is Gatsby that is having the affair with his wife. Wilson sets out to find Gatsby and kill him. When

Wilson reaches upon Gatsby, he shoots him. Wilson feels so terrible that he turns his gun at his head and shoots himself. After the hustle and bustles dies down, Nick meets Daisy and Tom again. This novel is filled with multiple themes but the predominate one focuses on the death of the American Dream. F. Scott Fitzgerald is stating that the true American Dream is dead and all that it left are distorted values such as greed and materialism. This concept can be explained by how Gatsby came to get his fortune. Gatsby got his fortune by any means possible, even by organized crime. The plot of these to books can never be related because one plot is more dramatic than the other. (The Great Gatsby is less dramatic). A Farewell to Arms is a book whose plot is about a young man seeking

and fighting for his only, true love during World War I, while The Great Gatsby is a bout a young man around his 20 or 30’s(Nick) that moves into New York looking for a job after getting his major in business bonds where he meets his neighbor who is a very mad man that gets money from very obscure places meaning he gets his money from organized crimes. He also lies about his family’s background history and about his College years that he had gone to Oxford College where he earned many badges for many European Countries. In A Farewell to Arms, many upcoming events from the war lead the two happily united love partners to separate and take their own ways because of their jobs and then they reunite back together when Fredrick is severely injured by a bomb and is taken to a

nearby hospital in which Catherine is the head, leading nurse and she takes care of him and they get married. In conclusion, The Great Gatsby is not related to A Farewell to Arms because of the ways the two aurthoprs express themselves. Fitzgerald uses a more reflective style of writing while Hemingway uses a more self-interest style with its theme, characters, and plot. The styles in which the characters are described are very different in both of the books. The Great Gatsby also has a totally opposite theme than A Farewell to Arms because the themes that are employed by Fitzgerald’s book, are more about corruption of American youth and the education of young Americans while in Hemingway’s book, the themes are related to war and love. The plot from A Farewell to Arms is also

very much different from the plot in The Great Gatsby . These two books could never be compared due to their style in which the author has written them. Bibliography Federico Menendez(r) Great Essays 4 ever.