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A Farewell To Arms Comparison Essay The Great Gatsby Essay, Research Paper The author’s style from Ernest Hemigway’s A Farewell to Arms differ from F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby in many ways. Fitzgerald uses a more reflective style of writing meaning that he makes his characters reflect and the theme also includes reflection from the reader as well as the plot. On the other hand, Hemingway uses a more self-interest style with its theme, characters, and plot, meaning that he makes this book on his own personal experiences that cause the theme, plot and characters to differ in many ways. For example, the styles in which the characters are described are very different. Hemingway makes his characters less educated and from a lower social ranking than the characters

from The Great Gatsby. Fredrick Henry, who is the main character in A Farewell to Arms, is less educated than Nick Carraway who is the main character in The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby also has a totally opposite theme than A Farewell to Arms because the themes that are employed by Fitzgerald’s book, are more about corruption of American youth and the education of young Americans while in Hemingway’s book, the themes are related to war and love. The plot from A Farewell to Arms is also very much different from the plot in The Great Gatsby whose plot is about five friends who meet this “millionaire” and all the time, he was lying about the money he had. H had said to be millionaire but wasn’t. In A Farewell to Arms, the plot is much more different emphasizing on a

much more complicated problem. The plot is about Fredrick Henry who is an ambulance driver and deals with war issues during World War I. Fredrick Henry from Hemingway’s book is very different from Nick Carraway from Fitzgerald’s book. Henry is a young, ambulance driver that serves for the Italian army during the First World War. Henry is a very disciplined and courageous young European boy that discovers love with Catherine Barkley, an American nurse whose fianc? was killed during a battle between Germany and Italy during World war I. Frederic Henry is an immature, troubled young man, caught in a terrible war. He is very much involved with drinking and picking up women only to have sex with them. On the other hand, Nick Carraway is a more centered young boy who went to Yale

University and graduated with a major in business bonds. He also served for the United States Army in World War I but retired because he was afraid to get killed and lose his family and friends. Fredrick doesn’t have a family. The only family he has is his grandfather who sends him money to pay off his debts. Later on, he marries Catherine Barkley and stops seeing all the women he used to have sexual affairs with. Nick has a more friendly character than Fredrick. He is the type of person willing to listen while Fredrick is less open minded and has a lower toleration level with other human beings. One example in which Nick’s high toleration level is shown is when he finds out that Gatsby is a big lie. Gatsby had been lying about the houses, his family, friends, College Degree,

etc. He tolerated this issue in a very mature way and doesn’t say anything to Gatsby or stops being his friend, instead he tries to talk with him and make him realize the big charade he has talked the whole West and East egg of New York into. Themes from A Farewell to Arms and The Great Gatsby also have their differences. Hemingway tries to express to the readers themes about love and war while Fitzgerald expresses themes about corruption in American youth and the education of young Americans. Fitzgerald establishes these themes chapter by chapter. Readers can reflect on this theme only by reading the entire book and by thinking about the plot on how Gatsby corrupted Nick Carraway. It all starts when Nick moves to New York and meets his neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Nick learns that