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was not only imposed on her by society, but willingly accepted by her? (Deer 2). She begins to realize that she must find out who she really is before she can be a wife and mother. Just as soon as Torvald begins to calm down, he receives the returned bond from Krogstad. He is ecstatic and yells ?I am saved!? (Ibsen 67). Suddenly everything in Torvald?s eyes is alright again. To him they can go back to the way their marriage was before. He forgives Nora and tells her that he now understands that she did it out of love for him. Nora on the other hand has finally come to the end of her straw. To her ?Torvald proved to be not a courtly hero, but a frightened and mean-spirited little man who is more worried about his reputation than his wife? (Thomas 2). When Torvald reveals the note,

Nora wanted him to take the blame on himself and protect her to prove his love for her. ?Torvald?s rejection of Nora when he read Krogstad?s first letter closes off their relationship. In effect he dismissed her from the human race, since he denies her the only roles permitted her those of wife and mother, thus ironically pushing her toward finding new ways to relate to society. When moments he later receives Krogstad?s second letter and restores her to her status as delicate possession she recognizes the he is once again trying to cut off her change to grow and become involved in the world (Hornby 100). In effect Torvald alienates Nora into leaving her home and her family. The ways in which Torvald, Christine and Krogstad perceive her all had a direct effect on Nora?s leaving

Torvald. Christine at first thought Nora to be childish but then realizes it was just an act she played to fit in Torvald?s facade. She learns that even though Nora always had someone to take care of her she has had to struggle internally with who she really is and how she acts. Krogstad along with Torvald both use and manipulate Nora for their own advantages. Both cared nothing about her thoughts or feelings. Throughout the play Nora begins to realize that she no longer wants to play Torvald?s role anymore. Torvald?s failure to take the blame on himself is when Nora finally realizes she must find herself because she can not continue to live in the facade world that Torvald put her in.