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A Doll House(Midterm) Essay, Research Paper A Doll House 3. I believe that when the Doll House was written, the power within relationships was not equal. The women had no say in what they did. They had to take orders from the male figure. They were house wives. In the Doll House, Nora Helmer was ahead of her time. She did stuff that she shouldn t have done. She committed fraud by signing her fathers name to a loan note. She borrowed the money from Krogstad so for the trip. She did it to save her husband. She didn t let the fact that she was committing fraud get in her way. She wasn t like other women. She kept secrets from Helmer. She knew that if he found out then bad things would ve happened and the marriage could have falling apart. She said to Krogstad in act 1, I m not

afraid of you any longer. After New Years, Ill soon be done with the whole business. Krogstad wanted his job back at the bank and he was using the Fraud that Nora committed as blackmail and she didn t care. She knew what could happen but she thought she did no wrong because she did it for a good deed. Nora kept secrets from Helmer. She said in act 2, I ve got to clear up this other thing; that s also behind his back. I ve got to clear it all up. She was saying that she lived a life behind his back. Now back in the time of the play women didn t behave like this. They were, in a way, a minority. The men had all the power and the women just sat there taking orders. I think that society today still perpetuates patriarchal customs within marriage to a certain degree. Women still cook

for the men, clean for the men, and just take care of the men. Not as bad as it was back in the day but I think its still around. Women are starting to move up in life and are probably right behind the men. Women have opportunities that they didn t have back then. They can vote, they can work placed other than home. I think that this was a good play because it showed a glimpse of the current time in the play. It seemed like by the way that Nora behaved, that she was living in the current time period. On the other hand, women still do behave like slaves to men because of the benefits they can receive. I think that a good example could be money. Some women marry men for their money. This is considered a trophy marriage. The Men marry the women because of the way they look. I don t

think that some marriages include love and affection as it should. So as a conclusion, I like this play and it shows the side of women that was probably never seen like this in that time. I thought Nora was brave to act and behave the way she did.