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academy was destroyed. But thousands more have sprung up to take its place, all with the name academy. In that way I do believe ideas are eternal. Long after something is gone the memory of it remains. The idea of an academy survived long after the academy itself was destroyed. Time can destroy or change anything that is true Plato. That made me realize that maybe in hundred and certainly in a thousand years everything I know and cherish will be gone. That can?t be all there is to life though there must be something more something beyond myself. As for the idea of true knowledge I don?t really know what that is. Mathematics of course may be one example, but what do I actually know. I realize I don?t know anything for sure, in my world everything changes so fast; especially at my

age. Maybe true knowledge is something only wisdom can give you, unfortunately wisdom takes time to build on. Once again thank you for your time, I better get back to the professor.