A Deeper Look At Gimple The Fool — страница 2

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none of the things said were anywhere near the truth. He believed because he wanted to believe. He married that woman because he wanted to, not because he believed she was virgin pure, or because he believed that her son was actually her brother, but again, because he wanted to. Gimpel looked to be the fool, was taken advantage of, but in the end he knew that he wasn’t as stupid as the people thought he was. He wasn’t bothered by the fact he was teased for being gullible, or in this case, appearing to be gullible. He went on with the jokes because he wanted to. This story is less tragic than most stories that relate to people being tormented all their life, and this goes to show that faith in one’s self will overcome someone else’s lack of faith. People should think next

time they torment another person. Who is really appearing to be the fool, the tormentor or the person receiving the harsh words?