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A Deadly Realization Essay, Research Paper A Deadly Realization I walked into school around 8:25, rolling out of bed only a half hour before. I wiped the rain from my face, I hate when it rains. As usual, I strolled in with a casual walk, like I was the coolest, because I could come in late every morning since I had no first period class. The first person I saw as I walked through the cafeteria toward the staircase was Louise. Usually an outgoing and crazy person, she strikes many as being on crack. She calmly and quietly said “hey”, with her face to the floor, not even looking at me. On my way up the staircase to my locker, I passed my good friend Mike. He looked me in the face and said, “Did you hear?” I replied with intense wonder of what the latest gossip at

Shoreham-Wading River High School could be. “No”, I replied, “what happened?” “You’ll find out at the assembly.” I had a few minutes before second period began, so I walked to the library, and pulled up a seat across from my friend Kevin. “What’s up, I heard we have an assembly this morning.” “Yeah, I think two juniors got in an accident last night, but I heard they’re all ok.” I jokingly responded, “Well, at least periods are shorter.” He gave me a tiny smirk, silently telling me we shouldn’t be laughing over such a horrible thing. The bell rang, and first period ended. Dr. Hayward the principal came over the loudspeaker, “All students please report to the auditorium.” Kevin and I got up, and joined the crowd slowly squeezing into the

auditorium through the two open doors. I looked around and saw a group of my best friends sitting together. Katie had her head on Louise’s shoulder, and Mike and Kyle sat there with a blank stare on their faces. I made my way into a seat, and looked at everyone, “Hey guys.” No one responded, not even a look. By this point, I was scared at what news I might hear. I didn’t know what to be thinking. For everyone to be so upset, it must be really serious. I looked around. Everyone had a look of wonder on their face, or they were crying, or just didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what to think. I had never seen my friends like this before. Never have I seen Mike so serious, he would laugh if I got run over by a car. But this time was different for sure, and I was

more frightened then I had ever been before in my life. Dr. Hayward slowly made his way to the podium on stage. “I have never had to do this before, and I don’t know what to say, so I am going to just come right out with it Wesley Whitworth took his own life last night ” The room got so quiet, as if no one was there. I have never felt my heart sink as quickly as that second. Everyone in the room seemed to be hurt by the news. I guess Wes had a special place in everyone’s heart. I looked at Katie, and she looked at me. A tear rolled down my face. Dr. Hayward began to cry, and with a weary tone went on to say, “that there is nothing that can be done now we must be strong now we must come together as a school, and focus on getting through this tragedy.” I got to math

class, and sat down. My teacher, Mr. Strotman, who I have known since I was in elementary school, came up behind me, and rubbed my shoulder, “Are you alright?” I picked my head up out of my arms, and just looked at him with tears flowing from my eyes. He understood that words couldn’t explain what I was feeling. Beth Ann came in and sat next to me where she always does. I looked at her and just said “I don’t understand not Wes, anyone but Wes, he had so much going for him anyone but Wes.” We did nothing in class that day, and I finally stopped crying after a few minutes. Beth Ann and I talked about it. I told her how I could remember the last thing Wes said to me, just two nights before. Throughout the rest of the day, I went to a few more classes before just walking