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communicate humanity in any other way, had it not been for such a wonderful system of communication as consumerism. The audience gets a thrill and gains peace of mind. There is also a product being sold, but in a good commercial, that is almost irrelevant to the message of human identification. Apple?s Think different campaign catches our hearts by tirelessly reminding us that everyone who changed the history books thought outside of the box, and was unique in some way. As I drive up Sunset Blvd. my eye sometimes tears at the sight of John Lennon?s face 50 feet high on the side of a building. He was put there by an ad team to make me feel better about my own human uniqueness. I cheer at the face of Ansel Adams as I drive up the 405 freeway, and afterwards, it will always be my

choice to purchase an Imac computer. It would be in my best interest to give that company money now that they have shown me their talent for choosing the right artists that I can identify with. It?s as if the higher art critics have forgotten that art always had a commercial tie throughout history. People bought paintings of their loved ones and themselves. It was the most immortalizing thing they could find at the time, and still so to some. A famous Renaissance painter?s uncanny ability to catch the likeness in people was not only appreciated with the highest respect, but also paid handsomely. That existed even until Norman Rockwell?s uncanny ability to capture the same humanity. He never considered himself an artist. So is it bad that we think our art culture doesn?t exist

among the common folk? Wouldn?t all chaos rein if the people who considered themselves high class realized that they were just like the rest of us? Perhaps it is safe to say that as long as everyone secretly appreciates American consumer culture across the globe, it is no longer important whether it exactly resembles Art with a capital A. It is somewhat of a more powerful model, able to reach many more people in less time. It is Entertainment with a capital E, the new art for a new kind of society, something to be blissfully ashamed of! Bibliography www.gotmilk.com