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to confuse. Also, the many people who came to America from countries besides England would not fit into this historical approach. Mintz and Price focus their concentration on the development of a distinct Afro-American culture in the New World. Their conclusion that the majority of Afro-American customs and cultures were consummated in the New World and did not directly stem from any particular pre-migration group culture seems sound, even if some of their methods of documentation are somewhat dubious. Their hypothesis can also help to understand the European migration to the Americas, as it seems that the development of mainstream American culture would undergo a similar pattern. With many different people arriving from Europe, it is logical to assume that their intermingling

would cause a similar merging of cultural traits that they brought from their birthplaces. Greene would argue differently, and it is true that the fusion of a single American culture took a longer time to develop, but it is certainly likely that the European contingent in the New World underwent similar processes in becoming a! n independent and self-sufficient group. Finally, McCusker and Menard, like Zuckerman, focus on the middle colonies and their influence on the colonial period, but their concentration is centered on the commercial aspects of middle America. They see the middle colonies as more of a commercial balancing point between the plantation dominated southern colonies and the manufacturers of New England. Like Zuckerman, they believe that because the middle colonies

offered such a balance in commercial capabilities as well as native inhabitants, that they should be seen as the focal point of America in its early years. Menard and McCuskey do give New England more credit than does Zuckerman, as they show that New England did indeed lead the way in foreign trade capabilities, but they also document the rise of Philadelphia and New York as the major urban areas ofAmerica by the mid 18th Century. Overall, Menard, McCuskey and Zuckerman take a similar view on the importance of the middle colonies in colonial America.