A Cultural Analysis Of The Judgment Day

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A Cultural Analysis Of The Judgment Day Essay, Research Paper A Cultural Analysis of the Judgment Day ?Judgment Day” is a term popularized by Christ and his followers. This term refers to a time during Christ’s Second Coming when Christ will judge all men. Therefore, many modern artists look into the Bible and come up with exotic ideas to explain the message in terms that can be understood by people that may not have had that much contact with the Bible. One idea that was taken from the Bible was the ?Judgment Day?. This will be a day when Christ will return and judge all man. This idea was introduced in a movie called Terminator2. This cultural introduction to the world was taken up by Christians through out the world writing chapters and books about this cultural event.

He said he?d be back! Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as the Terminator model 800. His mission is to protect John Connor, the boy destined to lead the freedom fighters of the future. In other words, John Connor sends a Terminator to protect him self about ten years into the past. But there is a problem, a master computer also sends a Terminator called the T-1000. The Terminator 1000 has a mission that is quite opposites from the Terminator that is to protect John Connor, and this Terminator is also the most lethal machine ever created. This Terminator has a mission to destroy John Connor. Why? to prevent the freedom fighter from ever occurring in the future. The Terminator 800 also has an ally, and her name is Sarah Connor, John?s mother. Linda Hamilton costars, reprising her role

as the quintessential survivor, a woman warrior whose warnings go unheeded by a world careening toward a nuclear holocaust she knows is inevitable. The movie beginnings with the two Terminators arriving from the future in a time travel format. There next test is to find clothing and transporting measures so that they can find John Connor. The first to find him will determine the future as fatal or saved. The first encounter with the two Terminators is in the back hall ways of a mall where the two Terminator have a dual to for the boy. The Terminator 1000 being a better combat build model, manages to keep the other Terminator 800 from saving the boy. But in the middle of the dual, the boy escapes out of the Terminator 1000?s site only for a while. The chase is on to see who will

get their hands on John Connor first. In the last second during a high speed chase, in which John Connor is on a small motor bike and the Terminator 1000 in a semi-truck about to drive over the kid, the Terminator 800 manages to save the kid from an almost death situation. For now all is fine, the Terminator 800 explains him self to John Connor, that is where he is from and what is mission is. The next task is to save John Connor?s mother, Sarah Connor. But the Terminator 1000 is all to smart. It for sees the Terminator 800?s goal, and arrived at the metal hospital where Sarah Connor is kept first. In another close to death chase, the Terminator 800 manages to save John Connor and Sarah Connor from the hands of the Terminator 1000. For now the three are save, until they learn

who?s fault is will be for the three million deaths in the near future. Sarah is committed to put an end to the project that is being worked on by a certain scientist. This scientist will develop a computer chip that will learn everything about the world and become functional on its own. In a high intense action moment, the Terminator 800 and Sarah Connor destroy the building in which the development took place. But the Terminator 1000 has not completed his mission, because John Connor is still alive. Sarah drives the Terminator 1000 into a factory in which metal is melted and manages to put an end to the Terminator 1000 by melting him in a lava of metal Christians of different denominations have learned to translate this movie into a Biblical format point of view. One Christian