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the fate of Claire to seek revenge. The fate in the story is best described with the character, Claire Zachanassian. Her fate was to leave Gullen and become a millionaire after marrying eight men. This spoke to her as an opportunity to get revenge on the town that turned her away at the age of seventeen. She explains that, ?nothing is forgotten. Neither the morning in the forest, nor the nights in the great barn, nor the bedroom in the cottage, nor treachery at the end.? This exemplifies why she can never leave her past behind. She controls the townspeople with her money because the town is left with no money. Money controls the fate of everyone in town. As the play progresses, Schill is seen as a figure who emerges into a noble person through his suffering. He becomes a heroic

person when he owns up to his past. Schill has a chance to kill himself but he knows how wrong he was causing one to feel for him as he will no longer fight his fate. Schill just turns away and explains, ?You may kill me if you like. I won?t complain, I won?t protest. I won?t defend myself. But I won?t do your job for you either?(465). This explains that he no longer wants to run from this. He wants to become someone who is willing to sacrifice his own life for the good of the townspeople of Gullen. This is how the use of a recognition scene is captured. Anton Schill is now becoming a heroic figure. He shows the characteristics of high status and also he recognizes the flaws he holds. Schill?s recognition scene is when he comes downstairs and realizes what is going to become of

his life. It is brought out the most when Schill declines the truck drivers offer to drive him to . Schill explains, ?This is my town. This is my home. No, thank you. I?ve changed my mind. I?m staying.? This shows Schill as the dynamic hero in the story because he is willing to sacrifice his life to be a part of his town. In The Visit there are a few observance of unites. The unity of time in the play is when there is a flashback before the meeting. Schill and Claire reminisce about when they were young and in love. This flashback is to show how time has change since they were young and now they can not go back to what it use to be. Unity of plot emphasizes on the relationship of Schill and Claire. It concentrates on how it effects both of their lives in the end. Schill is now

going to die and Claire still has the pain of what she suffered as a young lady. In the unity of place the focus is on the town of Gullen and how it has changed. This centers on the main transformations of the town. They once looked down on Claire and now that she has money and power they look up to her. This is the changing point in the unity of place and a demonstration of how life has change in Gullen. Throughout the trials and tribulation of Claire she managed to be without the one man that disrespected her. Although Claire had all the power in the town now, Schill will always remain the main heroic figure in this play because of what he did for the well being of the people. Now the people of Gullen will always remember Schill as someone who took it upon himself to be brave

for one thing and that is to help the poor town of Gullen. The Visit is a play about love, hurt, envy and revenge. These things are basis of great Greek tragedy. The elements that are presented throughout the paper represents the main focus on an old Greek play. When the reader reads the play they get a good sense of what is really the main focus of the story. The story shows a tragic hero that falls and is lifted by his morals in the end.