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always send a reply I still enjoyed hearing from her. I also corresponded with relatives that live in Indiana, North Carolina, and with friends that were going to other colleges. It really fascinated me to be able to talk to everyone whenever I wanted. In one corner of my screen I have a box that lets me know when friends ?On Line?, with this I can chat directly with them without any interruptions. Have you ever written a letter to someone and then didn?t receive their reply for a week or more? By the time you received the letter you probably forgot what you had said to them. Well, with my computer I can talk directly by typing a message and they will respond immediately. I also have the opportunity to speak with people all over the world, although it?s good to be careful what

information you give out about yourself. Finally, one of the most enjoyable aspects of America Online is the Internet. I like to look up different parts of the world and learn about the area. Maps and pictures are usually available for me to see the country for myself. Then, if I like the picture, especially a tropical island, I print a color copy to put on the wall of my dorm room. Amazing as it may seem, I really believe my computer has been one of the most important factors in my life. My computer not only started me on the road to recovery, but also continues to support my life in many important ways.