A Computer Is A Magical Instrument Essay

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A Computer Is A Magical Instrument Essay, Research Paper I had always heard that a computer can be the most versatile and powerful tool in your home. Thus, throughout my life I always dreamed of having a personal computer. About five years ago, my parents purchased a used computer which was nothing more than a word processor. I was excited with having it, however I soon realized that this was not the computer I had always dreamed of. Then last summer, before going to college, I was able to purchase my own personal Packard Bell computer, consequently affecting my life in many important ways. A computer can be used as a therapeutic implement for the brain. Two years ago, I was in a serious car accident in which I received a head injury. Just as an infants brain develops by

learning and practicing, I needed to help my brain relearn many things. After being hospitalized and going through months of therapy, I returned to high school. Although I graduated with my class, I needed to continue to recuperate by continuing my thinking skills during the summer, especially since I was planning to continue my education. My doctor suggested I could either go back to Frazier Rehabilitation or I could work on my own therapy with a computer. Because I read slowly, I do not enjoy reading on my own, therefore by using a computer it would be a way to practice and develop my reading skills. I purchased a computer and printer with some college money that I had saved. Although my family was with me at the time of the purchase, we had to rely on the salesman?s expertise

because none of us were very familiar enough with computers to make that decision. Naturally, when it came time to set up the computer the work was up to me, creating quite a challenge. I had used a computer at school but that did not prepare me for this situation. After a day of, frustrating manuals and following the computers directions, my computer was complete and ready for me to begin my work. I started familiarizing myself with the computer by playing computer games that helped to challenge my skill and imagination. Gradually, I began using multimedia resources and the Internet, thus helping to expand my cognitive skills. It was necessary for me to learn new information as well as refresh my memory of information which was lost. Perhaps one of the most important tasks that

my computer has to do, is helping me with college work. I depend on my computer to help me everyday. For example, it is my pencil, paper, and storage cabinet. As a result of my accident, the accurate movement of my right arm was affected, causing me to have difficulty with my handwriting. By using the computer I am able to write for longer periods of time which is necessary for college work. In addition, my typing skills have become excellent, therefore I can jot down information quickly so that I do not loose the thought. This is very important to me because I have trouble with my short term memory. A computer is a good place to store and access school work, consequently I always have my assignments. Students having to rely on the schools computer lab, are often unable to use it

when they need to. On the other hand, I can use my computer at any time unless the electricity is off. The Internet is a library that I can use night or day enabling me to complete my assignments with little difficulty. Thus, my computer is an important element for me with college work. I believe that my computer has become my hobby, in other words it is recreation at my fingertips. This form of recreaton is more important for me because I am not able to go out as often as my peers since I have not regained my stamina since my accident. I have access to America On Line, therefore I use E-mail, chat with friends, and explore the Internet almost everyday. I began using E-mail while I was away at college. Every day my Mother would send me a good morning message, although I didn?t