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brought about theses cities, are truly evil. He refers to “Anarch destroyers of Eden,” suggesting that the destruction of nature to make way for cities is, in itself, inherently evil because it destroys what God originally created for man. Carman’s strong religious beliefs come through clearly throughout this poem. Thus we see that, even though both Lampman and Carman deal with a very similar topic, they each treat is in a clearly different way. Lampman chooses to make his point using a specific city created within his imagination, while Carman chooses to make generalizations about cities as a whole. Lampman created a vivid, nightmarish city that the reader can almost hear and experience through his poem, while Carman appealed to the reader’s thoughts and intellect,

asking questions of the reader to bring across his ideas. Lampman based his poem on his intellectual belief that life in the city is destructive, while Carman based his poem on the firm religious conviction that city life has drowned out the voice of God. Both poets appealed to the audience of the day, in that it had become popular at that time to seek a life in the country in order to get away from the mad pace of the city. Both poets, though disparate in style, are effective in conveying their ideas to the reader.