A Comparison Between Orwells Concerns And Methods

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A Comparison Between Orwell?s Concerns And Methods Of Making His Points With Swift?s Essay, Research Paper A Comparison between Orwell?s concerns and methods of making his points with Swift?sEric Arthur Blair, now more commonly known as George Orwell was born in India in 1903, and his father was an official in the Indian Civil Service. Throughout Orwell?s childhood he felt a deep sense of isolation, a factor to later influence his writing.? In 1911 he was sent to a boarding school on the Sussex coast where he was distinguished by his poverty and intellectual brilliance. He grew up a morose, eccentric boy and in 1953, wrote of his miseries in an autobiographical essay, ?Such, Such Were The Joys.? Orwell won scholarships to Winchester and Eton.? He chose Eton and stayed from

1917 to 1921, and during this time published his first writing in college periodicals. Despite being offered a scholarship to University, Orwell became an Imperial servant at Burma in 1922, serving in a number of countries.Yet he had a desire to become a writer, and when he realized how much the Burmese were ruled by the British against their will, he felt increasingly ashamed of his role. He later recalled his experiences and reactions to Imperial rule in his novel, ?Burmese Days? and in two autobiographical sketches, ?Shooting an Elephant? and ?A Hanging?. In 1927, Orwell retired his post and left Burma, choosing to live among the poor, outcast people of Europe.? He resided for some time within the slums of England and France.? These experiences were conveyed in, ?Down and Out

in London and Paris? where he voiced his concerns for those worst off in society. Orwell?s politics as a socialist writer became progressively more anti-Communist and also patriotic. After his failing to enlist in World War II, due to grounds of ill health, Orwell joined the Home Guard and increased his journalistic output. He became the literary editor of the Tribune and as did Swift, contributed articles to many papers.? Orwell had a family life, and after the death of his first wife in 1945, married Sonia Brownwell and moved to a Scottish Hebridean island also with his sister and adopted son. However, in 1950 his health had gradually declined and Orwell died of tuberculosis a few days before hoping to visit Switzerland to improve his health. ??????????? Orwell?s first popular

success ?Animal Farm? was published in 1945. It conveys political tyranny and its effects on a society. As the title suggests the novel is set on a farm, detailing the farm animals struggle with the farm?s manager to achieve an equitable, sharing and harmonious community.? Orwell?s motivation lay within his life experiences and influences, as did Swift?s. The two novelists had each experienced different forms of power and regime, yet both were able to express and convey the flaws of these authorities in different styles. ???????????? Today, Swift?s novel would be unbelievable in the context that he wrote it.? However, by using this approach, he managed to avoid political retribution. Orwell in comparison, expressed his views, but in an unbelievable style to add interest and

amusement. ?I write it because there is some lie I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing. But I could not do the work of writing a book, or even a long magazine article, if it were not also an aesthetic experience.? As with ?Gulliver?s Travels,? ?Animal Farm? can be read on different levels.? It is subtitled ?a fairy story,? drawing the readers? attention to the artificial aspects, yet we know it is not ?a fairy story? as there is no happy ending. The reader, by being drawn in has to look closer, exploring and interpreting the true intentions of Orwell?s writing.? Orwell uses animals to make serious moral points. Another example of this is ?Aesop?s Fables? where the characters do not behave naturally or