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would be able to relate to this poem. After being asked about the sense of loneliness and isolation in his work, he answered, That s what maybe makes it universal. All art deals with loneliness on some level if it s doing its job. (Seidner 104) “What, exactly, is Dickinson s appeal? In part is it her fantastic language: the words with destabilized meanings, the dissonant hymnbook cadences, the distinctive tone of voice: defiant, witty, spiritually yearning but skeptical, emotionally fervent but guarded.” (Cotter) All of this I agree with. But in addition I think it is also the universal nature of her writings. If one is able to identify with something then it makes it that much easier to learn from and the accusation of knowledge is what makes for the greatest people. Emily

Dickinson learned from her contemporaries and influences and many artists have learned from her it is this that defines the human evolution not physical changes. I haven t yet created a piece based on Dickinson s work but this paper has opened me up to some places where I might influences for what ever I do. Dickinson is often able to put into words, things that I would have a difficult time expressing in any other way but my art. I m grateful to her that sometimes I can just read and say, “I know exactly what you mean”. 370