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The fact is, however; they do. Meggan Baron, a graduate from a four-year college with a major in Commerce and Art (1/2 art, 1/2 business), had difficulty finding a job at first. Even with a internship at Nordstrom, a high class department store, she failed to land the job she was hoping for. Baron started out with a job at Nordstrom, but as a salesperson in the woman’s clothing department. After a few months, Baron realized that her position was permanent and she didn’t have a hope of moving up the ladder. The reason was, “there were all these people on the bottom who were willing to keep their jobs; they didn’t want to give them up. We’re talking about people who made selling on the floor their career, which is something I never really wanted to do.” (233) I feel

that it is really hard for college graduates to move up the ladder when there will always be people willing to stay at the bottom. If everyone in the job force insisted, that they work their way up, it would keep the job force moving, and give everyone somewhere to start with the possibility of moving up. The situation that college graduates are facing is serious, and needs to be addressed. I feel bad for all the people who were expecting more and never are going to get it. I just hope that when I graduate my class has a better chance at a good job within out field. Bibliography none at the time