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surprisingly small lines. I ordered what I always order at McDonald’s, a number 7 value meal. This contains two cheeseburgers, large fries, and a large drink. After we all had ordered and finished eating, we drove back to my house. A two story medium sized house with hunter green trim. I walked up to the door and opened it with the key I wear around my neck I walked in finding it no warmer than outside. I walked over to the bathroom, still thinking of how to warm the place up, while I relieved myself from the super sized Mountain Dew I had just finished drinking. Then it came to me, I could warm up the house by leaving our electric oven open on about 350o. So I took this idea to my mom, I approached her with a look of genius on my face. Seeing me looking like that my mom

started cracking up as soon as I walked into the room. Guessing that this was not the greatest time to talk to my mom about a silly idea like mine. But what better time is then from now? I am, correction, WE are all cold it is in the middle of winter, and there is no heat. So I walked up to my mom as smoothly as a pair of old worn out Airwalks are capable of, and had already gained her attention by the cheesy but smart look on my face. Telling her about my idea actually went a lot smoother than I would have guessed it to have. She thought it was a good idea but had to make sure about a hundred other times that I was talking about the electric oven and not the gas one. Of course I was talking about the electric oven, what did she assume I had a death wish or something? I was about

to come back with the smart comment “don’t assume Mom, do you know what assuming makes out of us?” But then I thought that it would probably be better to just keep my mouth shut, than to get in trouble for talking back to my Mom. Well we did that for about a week or so, and then the gas line was fixed. FINALLY, heat!!! Boy was I happy to be back living with the fake fireplace working again, those corny looking logs with a flame coming out of the middle of them. Well I guess I can’t complain, I never had to chop wood, unlike some of my other friends. Pages 4 Lines 103 Words 1,199