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A Cloning Cataclysm Essay, Research Paper Would you like a twin brother or sister? One might simply be able to be manufactured no matter how old you are. In fact, your parents don t even need to be involved. You can have two or three or even ten! Since Scottish scientists reported the successful cloning of a sheep named Dolly two years ago, new research into cloning has grown as rapidly as the ethical controversy surrounding the procedure. In May of 1998, scientists at a Massachusetts cell research firm announced the production of genetically identical calves using a new cloning technology that could make it possible to create designer cattle. In addition, that June, the news about the successful cloning of a mouse swept through the scientific community. The apparent success

of animal cloning has fueled the emotionally-charged debate over the prospect of cloning human beings, which was set off several months ago when Chicago physicist Richard Seed announced plans to clone a human within the next two years. Attempts of any kind to clone human beings must be stopped and outlawed in the entire world because of the disastrous things that human cloning is sure to cause. It is no coincidence that this fledgling science has generated lots of negative media attention. Almost every single religion is avidly against it because it is not very hard to realize that it is both immoral and unethical! Who are we to think we can act as G-d? As soon as President Clinton was made aware about Seed s proclamation he immediately renewed his push for federal legislation to

outlaw both public and private attempts at human cloning. He did this because he is aware of the possibility that evil dictators may abuse the power once it is available. There have already been several anti-human cloning bills introduced in Congress such as the Human Cloning prohibition Act introduced in the Senate and the Human Cloning Research Prohibition Act introduced in the House. The Earth is already very seriously overpopulated. Furthermore, environmentalists worry that humans are growing too fast and that soon their will not be enough resources for them on this planet if they continue to grow at this rate. Creating more and more people will just exacerbate the problem exponentially. The potential cataclysmic repercussions of the allowance of human cloning can make anyone

shiver. The power is sure to fall into the wrong hands. Imagine an entire race of convicted murderers and violent criminals. If designer cattle could be made that what would prevent someone from making designer people. One could create 1000 Hitler-like people and the world as we know it would be nothing but utter chaos. Furthermore, a super race of all the best designed and cloned people will emerge and average people like you and me will not be able to survive! Some say that human cloning would be a great thing because infertile couples could have children. It is obvious that this won t matter at all when the world is overpopulated, everybody is starving, and the world is in total chaos. In addition, others argue that human cloning could help end diseases and genetic

imperfections and that it could help drug makers create genetically engineered animals for medicinal reasons. Another reason some scientists and doctors look forward to human cloning is because there will be ample supply of organs for transplant because they could be made whenever and wherever they are needed. Others say that human cloning may lead to a cure for cancer because there is a chance that it will lead to a better understanding of cell differentiation. Human cloning will have a entirely opposite effect! A human life will not be so precious because more can be made with little effort. Whenever someone is sick or has a defect he will be ignored because another model of him could easily be created. There are also those who say that making laws against human cloning will