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A Clockwork Orange Essay, Research Paper TASK ? ? To what extent does Alex have his own freedom of thought??A Clockwork Orange? by Anthony Burgess follows the life of a young juvenile delinquent by the name of Alex. Throughout the novel we learn in depth about the young protagonist, Alex, including his love for music and his apparent passion toward violence. Burgess uses bizarre, yet apt language choice in this novel which helps you relate to the main character in an easier manner, hence improving the appeal and success of this text. The novel deals with varying issues however the main theme of the novel is the idea of how much freedom of thought Alex has and therefore this will be my area of focus for my essay. Immediately after the first few lines we find out the novel is

written in first person narrative. I found this a very intelligent use of language and structure by Burgess as the manner in which he has written this relates exactly to the character. Very seldom does Alex use ?normal? language and I think this is because he has complete freedom of thought and he wants to have his own language that only his friends and him can understand. In my opinion the style and structure of this novel is extremely important to the understanding of the text. Alex goes through three main changes as a character, and this is reflected in the way Burgess has structured the novel. The novel is split into three sections, each describing a significant chapter in Alex?s life. An example of this is the idea of the book revolving ?full circle?. In 20 chapters Alex has

completely changed, but at the start of chapter 21 the novel begins the exact same as it did at chapter one. Alex revisits the place called HOME and him and his new ?droogs? commit another unprovoked attack, however this time something has changed. Alex has matured and basically decides he doesn?t want this life anymore and the reason why ? he has matured and comes to his senses. So the reader begins to feel sorry for Alex ? after all what is a life without any choice? ? Goodness comes from with, 6655321, goodness is something chosen, he who cant choose, ceases to be a man? Burgess has deliberately intended the thoughts and feelings of the reader to sway during the novel. As the novel progresses Alex looses his choice ? consequently becoming ? A Clockwork Orange?, which changes

the reader?s attitude towards him. I feel this therefore relates to the theme of Alex?s freedom of thought because after undergoing ?the ludovico?s technique? Alex looses all of this and effectively becomes a walking, talking government experiment. In my opinion Burgess superbly sculpts this idea and so the reader?s feelings for Alex change. In the beginning of the novel Alex is the practitioner of nothing but violent acts, who spends his nights with his “droogs”, terrorizing the public with their acts of “ultra violence” and engaging in the old “in-out, in-out”. He beats the elderly, fights other gangs with his “britva”, robs stores, breaks into houses, rapes young girls, drinks milk laced with drugs and is eventually even convicted of murder. Burgess portrays

the life of the young immature Alex, as a series of mostly evil events. As the reader is embroiled in Alex?s life he/she begins to feel nothing but hatred towards Alex and this is mainly down to the disgusting and explicit manner in which they are described. ? O, my brothers, while I untrussed and got ready for the plunge. Plunging I could slooshy cries of agony? For me I feel this is a very significant point. Burgess has summed up Alex as a whole in the language he has used here. The quote is actually describing Alex as he prepares perform the ?old in-out in-out? (rape) on a young women. I feel the word ?plunge? is used to great success. It has very negative connotations and shows the reader truly how violent Alex is at this stage of the novel. Also I feel the manner in which I