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beat him until he was bloody and lifeless. This time his friends thought that he had gone too far and betrays him by telling the police. Alex is convicted of murder and sentenced to fourteen years in prison at the age of only fifteen years old. He goes to jail and still goes about his violent ways, and eventually kills another prisoner. After this he is chosen as a subject for a new experimental treatment called, Ludvico?s Technique, it is supposed to cure him of his ultra-violent ways. He is transferred to a new building specifically made for this new treatment. Here he is basically conditioned through many injections and he is made to watch films of rape and violence. The mixture of these images and the drug cause him to associate feelings of panic and nausea with violence.

Alex is released after two weeks in this new program, he is deemed cured and released back into the general public after only 2 years of incarceration. After a few encounters with past victims of his he finds himself at the home of a writer; who had also been a victim of Alex?s, but does not recognize him, who is strongly opposed to the new treatment the government has subjected him to. This writer believes that this method robs the recipient of freedom of choice and moral decision ? therefore depriving him of being human at all. After Alex is in public for a while he is beaten and taken advantage of by many people. He eventually goes back to his violent ways, and joins another gang. Alex eventually attempts suicide and the state is forced to admit that the therapy was a mistake

and ?cures? him again. Alex realized that his ultra-violent ways were wrong so he wanted to start a family now that he saw his old ?droog? Pete was married and had a family. This book is one that seems perplexing on the outside because it is riddled with such slang that no one is used to but once you get through one chapter you can get the gist of what the characters are saying. If the reader looks down into the deeper meaning of the text there is a lot to be said about it. How should people be reformed to fit into society? To what length should the government or anybody go to mold and form people to a particular norm or desired shape? From a review one would think this book to be simplistic but it is quite complex and very entertaining with the violence it seems to be a good

thriller. All of these questions are raised in A Clockwork Orange. This makes it not only a thrilling page-turner but a thought-provoking novel also. Bibliography A CLOCKWORK ORANGE ANTONY BURGESS- A LIFE OF…