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A Change For Dole Essay, Research Paper A Change for DoleBob Dole made several errors when planning and executing his recentcampaign for the presidency. These errors eventually cost him the election, andallowed Bill Clinton to win a second term, despite Dole’s adherent belief that theAmerican people would not re-elect him. Bob Dole’s errors stemmed from hisinability to take advice from his campaign managers, his unwillingness to stickwith a consistent message throughout his campaign, and his inability to begin hiswar against the incumbent early in the election year. Bob Dole is an old-fashioned man of the generation on its way out ofgovernmental control. He is a man from an age before the intense rigors ofrunning a national election, before the multitude of spin-doctors

needed toconduct a successful campaign, before the television era swept through thecountry forcing a whole new plethora of requirements upon candidates seekingnational office. Because of this Bob Dole is a man who wanted to run his electionas he believes is right, on his own terms, by his own decisions. He continuallyrefused to take the advise of wife, and his campaign advisors, allowing Clinton todiscover his huge lead in the polls and allowing Clinton to hold on to that lead. Dole failed to talk about values early in his campaign, instead deciding that “hewould talk about values, if that’s what it took.” Yet by making this decision, Doleresigned himself to speaking about values only when every other attempt hadfailed, making it seem like a last-ditch effort to ressurect

his failing campaign. “This time around would have to be different from 1988. Dole would have todelegate responsibility and not try to run his own campaign on whim.” Dole wasdoomed if he tried to take too big of a hand in how his campaign was run, hefailed in 1988 when he tried it then, and he failed again in 1996 when he did itagain. Dole’s inpetness in the field of political campaigning on a national level isto be expected, that is not what he is paid to do, he is paid to create laws, and togovern, yet he took it upon himself to do a job that he was not suited for, and thatcost him the election. Bob Dole had a problem with reaching the American people. TheAmerican people respond well to repitition. By repeating a certain viewpoint, itshows that it is a viewpoint that one

believes heavily in, and that one believes isvery important. By switching focus from one issue to another, it gives theimpression that one is grasping for some issue that will have some effect on theconsituency, rather than telling the people what is important from a leader’sperspective, it is asking them what is important while they are simultaneouslywondering the same thing. Bob Dole had this problem, for he switched the focusof his campaign multiple times throughout the campaign process. At first, hiscampaign had no focus, he was just there as the Republican alternative toClinton. He responded little to Clinton’s attacks, and showed no dashing visionfor America, nor any specific qualities that made him better then his opponents. Then he invented his 15% tax-cut plan,

appealing to supply-side economicsupporters as well as to the public in general, in an attempt to attract the massivenumbers that tax-cut candidates have enjoyed in previous elections. When thatshowed only marginal results, focus was quickly moved to the fact that Clintonwas truuly an Old Democrat, not the New, more conservative, Democrat heclaimed to be. This had some truth behind it, but coming late in the campaignappeared to be more of a desperation attempt by Dole, and was dismissed easilyby thre Clinton campaign as such. Obviously focus was switched again when theOld Democrat approach did not seem to work, this time to the character issue. This, following Bush’s 1992 desperation attempt at the character issue, appearedas the same thing, and the consituency had grown tired