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remembered how she had promised herself never to become involved with someone because she knew there was no possible future. ?I have cancer,? she blurted out, and returned her gaze to the wall. ?I know,? he said softly, placing an arm on her shoulder. ?And I?m going to die. I?m going to die soon,? her voice trembled with tears restricted to nights alone in her room. He nodded. ?So I can?t get involved with anyone, can?t start any kind of relationship or try to fix any past mistakes. There?s no time.? He thought his response out carefully before responding. ?Are you alive now?? ?Yeah, obviously,? she laughed through the tears she had allowed to well up in her eyes. ?Then there?s still time, isn?t there?? His friends observed in amazement as a guy they thought they knew was hugged

and kissed by a frail-looking girl whom would spend the last of her days with him by her side.