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surgeon is a type of dentist that diagnoses and treats problems of teeth and tissues of the mouth by surgery. On orthodontist is a dentist who is concerned with the deformities that develop during the growth of teeth and jaws. Prosthodontists specialize in replacing lost teeth. A periodontist treats the gums and the parts of the jaws that support the teeth. Pedodontists concentrate on the prevention and treatment of dental disease in children. Other fields of dentistry are public health dentistry, which promotes dental health, and oral pathology, which deals with tumors and injuries of the mouth (Kesel 120b). Most dentists are in private practice. Some opportunities are also available in teaching research, the military, and administration. Military jobs in dentistry are offered

in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and in the Coast Guard (Discover). Dentists work with x-rays, dental instruments and equipment, filling materials and various composites for repairing teeth, artificial teeth, crowns, dentures and bridgework, braces and other corrective appliances, plastic materials to make impressions, anesthesia, and surgical equipment (Massad 38). Dentistry is a very widespread field as far as diverse types of jobs. The field of dentistry is a good field to enter. There are more up sides to dentistry than there are down sides. The world is in constant need of dentists because people cannot live without them. Although dentistry takes a lot of hard work and skills, it is very rewarding. Dentistry will be the best field for me. 331