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if science is not limited that our own world could end up like the bleak one that is illustrated in the book. The world in the novel is just one possibility that could happen if nothing is changed. This is a warning from Huxley that people need to think for themselves. In the book, the society as a whole does not have the ability to think for themselves, producing a cold robot-like character in the Utopians. The people are so conditioned to be a part of the whole and not individuals that when John the savage begins to lecture about the value of freedom and individualism a riot ensues.A particularly effective passage was when Mustapha Mond gives a lecture to students at the Hatchery concerning the banning of literature, religion, history, and family life from the Old World. Here

is when Huxley makes his message known clearly; if man does not change his ways, the future will wipe out the past that we treasure. Huxley also seems to be alluding to what happened when the communists took over Russia. I really liked the way Huxley developed and used the two main characters Bernard and John. Bernard became the symbol of imperfection in a society that claims to be perfect. He was a member of the top caste in Utopia, an alpha plus. Born slightly deformed, he was not the model of a perfect alpha. It was believed that there was a toxin introduced to his blood surrogate (an artificial uterus). Bernard was like the ugly duckling but never grew into a swan, and this deeply affected Bernard’s personality and actions. John exemplifies the literary noble savage, but

his character goes deeper than that. When reading Huxley’s description of Utopia, there is a voice inside you that says, “This is wrong, people aren’t meant to live like this.” In the story John portrays that voice of sanity, reason, and humanity. When John goes up against the Utopia, he fails and takes his own life. This serves to drive home Huxley’s message, and it is extremely effective. This is one reason why Brave New World is an excellent satire. It was interesting how a story about a society completely different from ours can present a commentary on how we live, and where we may be headed. It is rare to find a book that is so thought provoking. That was my largest impression from this book. When I finished reading the last page, I put the book down and just

thought about the implications that Brave New World presented. Huxley’s ultimate goal was to raise the awareness of the consequences of unchecked capitalism, or at the very least, make people stop and think. I believe he achieved this goal making Brave New World a success as well as a brilliant satire. The book had a few shortcomings, but the positive attributes outweighed the negative. I would strongly recommend Brave New World to anyone.