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categorical imperative has no real example. The categorical imperative is carried out for it’s own sake and any example would be tainted. Kant even goes on to state that any “empirical evidence of a moral law is highly prejudice to the purity of the moral law” (43) Kant next introduces the idea of the “Kingdom of Ends” (50) Stated simply, humans are members of a kingdom that is governed by one law which encourages them to treat themselves and others as “ends in themselves” (50). In the kingdom everything either has value or dignity (51). Something with value can be replaced by anything else while something of dignity has an intrinsic value that can not be replaced. Humans, as rational creatures, are priviledeged to be members of the Kingdom of Ends and should strive

to find the dignity of the Kingdom. This is the only reason Kant provides for people to follow the categorical imperative. 39b