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A Book Report Of Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe Essay, Research Paper A Book Report of Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe The Book Robinson Crusoe is an adventure story about a man named Robinson Crusoe who?s bad luck puts him alone on a desolate island. He has to survive through very tough conditions and keep his sanity. Throughout the book Crusoe question?s himself and his faith time and time again, “Why did god put me on this island all alone.” His faith in god fluctuates all through the story. At one point he becomes ill and his faith in god becomes so great he starts to read the bible every morning and night. This book is one that keeps the reader attached to find out “what is going to happen next”. The story begins when against his parents he sets out to sea.

After being told by many he was not a sea worthy he kept moving on. Soon he finds himself a slave on a ship, but against the odds he escapes and starts a sugar plantation in Brazil. He sets out to sea once again but this time he is going to Africa to get slaves for his plantation. On his way he meets some bad luck and his ship gets wrecked. Crusoe, being the only survivor swims, to a island and is stuck there for 15 years before he finds other human life. During the 15 years he builds a home and tries to survive as best as he can. He keeps track of the days by writing in his journal. He also wonders why he was chosen by god to be the only survivor of the wreck and why he was put on this island alone. He soon finds other humans but with more bad luck he also finds out they are

cannibals. He rescues some savages who were held captive by the cannibals and makes plans to leave the island by means of a man made boat. This is when he spots a ship offshore. The go out to the ship and find out there is a mutiny on board. They soon take control of the ship. The caption is so happy that takes Crusoe and his men back to England where he sells his plantain which since grew and becomes wealthy and marries. He went on one final voyage to the islands where he spent half of his life where there is promises of new adventures. This adventure book held my attention until the very end. The struggle of man vs. nature and man vs. man was interesting to read. Some of the struggles and hard ships Crusoe overcame in the book helped me to understand the his character more. I

feel this book has a very good lesson embedded deep into the writing. The lesson is to do onto others as you want them to do onto you or you will be punished severely. The lesson in this story starts when Crusoe is held as a slave on a ship, he escapes and starts a plantation. He decides to use slaves as workers and on his way to get the slaves his ship is wrecked and he finds himself alone on the island. I feel if he did not want to be a slave and escaped then why set out on a ship to get slaves for your business. I think that god punished Crusoe for not following the golden rule and put him on the island to regain faith in god and to help him make the right decisions in the future. This is a must read book for all adventurers. The author shows and helps you really get into the

story. He helps you to get a feel for what it would be like to be alone for 15 years on a island. The author also show?s how when put in a situation where your alone you or an only suvivor your faith becomes strong. On a scale from 1-10 I would rate this book a perfect 10.